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    Admission in government colleges through AIEEE rank

    Respected Sir(s),
    My Aieee 2011 Gen Category Rank in B.E./B.Tech is as under:-

    All India Rank --
    Overall - 89478
    Category - 62737

    State Rank --
    Overall - 2986
    Category - 2615

    What are my chances of admission in NIT Durgapur as regards my rank?
    wat is d actual significance of the state rank?is it useless outside my state i.e. WB?
    i belong 2 the gen category so wat is d diff betwn d Overall n the Category rank??
    if not NIT Durgapur thn am I eligible 4 admission 2 any govt college in india w.r.t. my aieee rank??kindly specify d institute n the suitable stream(s)..
    my preferred streams r Mech,Chem,EE,ECE,Civil,Elec n Instrumentation bt 2 b honest stream no bar 4 me as long as decent campussing n jobs r available in dat govt institute..realy not opting 4 pvt institutes now coz hve a notion dat pvt institutes offer far less campussing n chrge far more fees thn d govt institutes..but kindly also send me names of some top-notch pvt institutes whch i wud b eligible 2 get into through my aieee rank..
    wud b obligd if u ans my qstns at ur earliest here or to arghyadutta11@gmail.com..
    Thank u...

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    Re: Admission in government colleges through AIEEE rank

    Well dear i should tell you that you have scored very large rank to get a government college through nit.to get admission in any nit you should get at least 20000 rank.so dear you can either go for some other private colleges or try to prepare for it again.
    Best of luck

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    Re: Admission in government colleges through AIEEE rank

    Dear friend your state rank is very good , and the benefit of good state rank is that , you can got the admission in top colleges of your State.....But to getting admission in the top colleges of India you should have good All India Rank , which you have ...you have scored 89478 Rank which is a very good rank and it helps you to getting admission in top colleges of India...Dear friend to getting admission in NIT or IIT the Rank will be so high at most around upto 50000 Rank...but with your this rank you can also apply for the NIT colleges and i am sure you have chances to getting admission there .....My best wishes with you

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