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    Is BDS better than MBBS

    whether getting bds in govt is better than mbbs in pvt then taking bds is right option or not is long term better than taking bds in govt

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    Re: Is BDS better than MBBS

    BDS: there are many dentist already working, what i mean is there is already too much crowd in this field already. once u finish your studies you can either join some hospital or setup your own clinic.
    After finishing BDS u can also go for higher studies, if u specialize in some field then your prospects will be good. After PG ur chances will be good in some corporate hospitals.

    MBBS: it is tougher to get into but better paying. one can work as junior resident doctor once he finishes MBBS. salary will be around 30k.
    After MBBS you will have to go for PG which is tougher than than getting into MBBS but once u finish your pg the prospects are a lot better than a BDS with PG degree. After PG ur salary would depend on the field of specialization eg for anesthetist- 4 to 5 lakh per month.

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    Re: Is BDS better than MBBS

    BDS is for dental. MBBS is for general medical practitioners , For specialization in any medical area, people go for MS or MD/DM after MBBS.
    There is no point of comparison between the 2. MBBS has no lucrative future until and unless you go for higher studies after that. Whereas after BDS you become a dentist, and a super specialist after MDS.
    In terms of money, I see dentists have a good income without any worries and emergencies, MBBS doctors don't earn much until you are specialized enough.
    Another thing is education cost. BDS is relatively affordable by a middle-class family as compared to horrible fees for an MBBS degree

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