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    Which is better between M.Tech from good college and doing a job after completing graduation?

    sir i want to know what is better, either doing m.tech from good college or going for some job after i complete my graduation . It is really becoming impossible for me to choose my way. i wanted to go for higher studies but the pressure of earning money is blocking my way .......i will be highly thankful if somebody could guide me to know waht are the oppurtunity after doing m.tech ..........

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    Re: Which is better between M.Tech from good college and doing a job after completing graduation?


    To choose between MTech and job after Btech is a common dilemma and maximum engineering graduates face this situation.
    In my opinion if you are clear about your career plans then itíll be easy for you to take decision.

    Let me first tell you few problems that is being faced by BTech graduates in current job scenarios:
    - In current scenario, BTech is a common degree and lakhs of engineers are getting graduated every year in India and hence the
    salary of BTech professionals have come down in last 2-3 years.
    - Moreover the Indian companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro really donít provide a package of more than 3-4 lakhs to Btech graduates
    and salary also increases to 10-15% per annum.
    - After 1-3 years of work experience, a large number of professionals start looking for job change or go for higher studies (MBA, MS or Mtech)
    so that they can either get good package or get good good role of job because of higher studies.
    Considering all the above scenarios, I would suggest you that you should go for MTech. Moreover try to get MTech from IIT colleges or good NIT colleges
    So that you get placement in good companies with good package.Otherwise youíll again stuck in the same scenario as mentioned above because even MTech
    candidates are also recruited in same IT companies with similar package as mentioned above.

    But if you are getting job in any PSU companies like SAIL, NTPC, BHEL or any of the other PSU companies, then joining job will be a good choice.
    Because now a days, salary scale is very good for BTech professionals and you can parallel do any correspondence course of MBA or MTech which
    will help you in getting promotion in the department.

    Finally in my opinion, if you are getting job in any PSU, then you must join the company.
    Next option is that if you are not selected in any PSU company and you need to choose between MTech and IT companies, then you should choose MTech course.

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    Re: Which is better between M.Tech from good college and doing a job after completing graduation?

    Hello dude!

    It is preferable to go for job unless and until you get M.tech admission in the top colleges like IIT's,NIT's.For suppose if you get admission in IIT's and NIT's then no questions just go for M.Tech.Otherwise do not go for that because m.tech in private colleges is not so valuable.For getting admission in good colleges then you must get good percentile in GATE Entrance Exam.If you get good score then you can try for jobs in public sector undertakings etc.

    However if in case you have got job in a good company,then my suggestion is to go for job because the days have become so worst that getting jobs is becoming like 'waiting for a train in a bus station',so in such cases don't loose opportunities you got who knows in future the days may be too worst.Even they offer you less salary do the work because what is main important is the experience you gain but not the salary.Money is not the main criteria,gaining knowledge and work experience is the main target.So work according to that,achieve success and make your future brightful.

    However the ultimate decision is yours,sit and discuss with your family members,take suggestions from your teachers,lecturers and take a decision according to that,always think twice and act smart.



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