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    Better job being a M.A in Geography

    I am ma geography from gorakhpur.pls suggest me for better job.

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    Re: Better job being a M.A in Geography

    there are more jobs you have various opportunity for you can go in these kind of jobs below are :--
    Expedition leader
    Travel agent
    Exhibitions coordinator
    Leisure center management
    Heritage site manager
    Eco Tour guide
    Tourist information officer
    Visit (London) guide
    Travel writer
    TV researcher
    Holiday representative
    Cultural arts officer 2012
    Environmental campaign organiser
    Social worker
    Youth and community worker
    Emergency services manager
    FE or university lecturer
    Museum explainer
    Exhibition designer and curator
    Health education campaigner
    Advertising executive
    Human resources officer
    Campaign organiser
    Market research analyst
    Public policy research
    PR (Public Relations) Officer
    Conservation worker
    Environmental health officer
    Architect or urban planner for sustainable projects
    Environmental engineer
    Landscape architecture
    Pollution analyst
    Cycle route planner
    Recycling officer
    Forestry manager
    SSSI warden
    Environmental consultant
    Environmental impact officer

    All the best

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    Re: Better job being a M.A in Geography

    You have a bright career in the field of Economic, Cultural, Political,Historical, Tourism, Transportation,Regional, Medical geography and also in Geomorphology.
    You can get job in the areas of Agricultural Research, in colleges and Universities, environment Protection agencies, Gas exploration companies, Mining Industries, NGO's, Oil drilling Agencies,Solid Waste Agencies etc.
    You may also work as Agricultural Specialist, Cartographer, Demographer,Forest Manager, Geographer, GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist, and Regional and Urban planner.

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    Re: Better job being a M.A in Geography


    These are following Better job being a M.A in Geography ---------------------

    1.Manufacturing firms
    2.Travel Journalism
    3.Communication and Transportation
    4.Travel agencies
    5.Real estate
    7.GIS Specialist

    I hope this will help
    All the best

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    Re: Better job being a M.A in Geography

    Geography is one of the most demanding subject in modern world which have great prospective.The world is facing a shortage of efficient scholars in this field.Hence there is a great demand of aspirants in this field.You have many job options after completing higher studies in these fields.

    You can pursue higher studies such as-
    -MSc in Geography
    You can go for phd programmes after completing post graduation.

    You can get jobs in various sectors.Both public as well as private sector recruit candidates of these fields.You can have various job opportunities in sectors like:-
    2.Marketing Sector.

    You can go teaching and lecturing profession in various schools,colleges and universities.One can find jobs of various posts under the central and state government through Union Public Service Commission,Staff selection commission,Indian Forest Services,Public sector Bank,State PCS,Indian Defense services etc.Post offices,LIC,public sector organizations also recruit candidates of this field.

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