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    Better job opportunities in Computers after commerce?

    I am totally not interested in Maths..
    I am weak in maths..
    I want to get a good job in future and i am interested in computers. So what subject should i take with commerce that can provide good job opportunities..?

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    Re: Better job opportunities in Computers after commerce?

    Hello dear,

    I believe you should try to have maths upto class 12, because the job opportunities will increase.
    If you are not at all interested, then nothing to worry, take any subject which is easy for you and try
    score good marx.
    After 12th, you should continue B.Com, then you should start the preparation for MBA if you want or
    prepare for banking jobs.
    Regarding preparation , questions on maths are asked in almost all the exams these days, so you cant
    escape from maths
    But the level of maths in banking exams is easy and syllabus upto class 9 is asked in banking questions.
    and a set of question on basic computer concept is asked, since you are interested in computers,
    you can get good score in this section as well.
    So you should do normal sourse without maths till B.Com and prepare for banking jobs in final year of bCom

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