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    Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?

    Because of money problem i am prepare to do MCA in a small college, Can i get job in a brand companies ?

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    Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?

    dont worry my friend,, off course u can get into brand companies,, once you finished your MCA,, be dedicated in your studies,,, so dont worry,, dont bother whether you are going to do your MCA in small village,,, need to think,, how you are going to learn,, that is most important,, so dedicate in your learning,, try to learn some extra things like in coding part,, dotnet, PHP,,, such kind of courses will help u lot in getting job,,,, all the best.

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    Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?

    you did not give full information that which type job do you want to do I think you want to in It field.
    Yes you can get in good company. IT company wants only Engineer Background and B.SC , B.COM ,B.Tech ,B.E .
    this is not important that which collage did you read. but you have to pass with good marks then you can get job in good collage.

    Best of Luck

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    Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?

    hello,basically there is no such concept of small college,it really doesn't matter that whether your college is a five stored building or it only have a ground floor.What matters the most is that whether your college is affiliated to any universities operating in India or abroad and if it is approved by AICTE or not if your college does not have any one of these then your college is a illegal institution and any degree given to you by your college is not valid.So don;t worry there is no such concept of small college but yes if your college is new or it does not have a good reputation then it is certainly a point of matter,like if you are in a college that have a good reputation then it will be little easier for you to get a job.But that doesn't mean that you will not get a good if you are in a new college or in a college of low reputation but make sure that your college has approval by AICTE and affiliated to any valid university

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    Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?

    mca is very good technical course,now a days computer is always in demand so no worry for you you can easily get a good job,

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    Talking Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?


    You want to know about the Topic of "Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college? "......

    Dear friend,here are some informations for you

    Yes,you can get good job after completing MCA from a small college. Small college does not matter for getting a good job. To get a good job You must have 60% in 10th,12th and Graduation. You must have good communication skill and listening skill. You should have good attitude. Last but not the least for prepairing the job interview.

    Jobs After MCA

    MCA is a three year master degree program comprising of six semesters. This professional course is designed to meet the growing requirement of qualifiedprofessionals not only in IT industry, but also in other industries as well. The admission to the MCA program can be obtained after completion of the graduation course. On completion of the MCA course, the students will be able to have a deep knowledge on subjects like database management, statistics, algorithm design, mobile technologies, finance, programming languages, accounting, computational theory, Quality assurance/Control, network management, probability, organizational behavior, Project Management, etc.
    After successful completion of MCA, the candidates will be able to get jobs in different industries like software engineering and development, hardware and networking, research and development, services and application support, etc…As far as software engineering and development is concerned, the candidate can get job as Trainee Programmer, software tester, software analyst, Software Engineer, software administrator or as a software programmer. The hardware and networking industry contain the physical elements of computer system (i.e.) designing, manufacturing and maintenance of computers. It also involves integration and installation of computer systems through networking. Research and development involves the crafting of circuits and chips and computer architecture. The service and application support industry includes application management and system integration, maintenance of software application and its installation and much more.
    Initially, the candidate can begin his/her career as a junior programmer or trainee and he/she can grow at a faster pace and can become system analyst or can also become project leaders and the growth prospects is high up to top level management in many reputed organizations.

    Job openings for MCA fresher

    Students who have effectively finished MCA have many opportunities as to lock a job in the good private and govt. sector. A lot of reputed corporations similar to NTPC, BHEL, GAIL, IOC, HCL etc employ students with outstanding quality to their group after an entrance exam and personal interview. The majority of the occasion, the examination will be approved out by the concerned association itself. MCA former students can also bond a variety of as Management beginner. There are a lot of banks which also staff applicant from MCA in to the position of PO or even as IT Clerks.

    Top companies:

    Many top rated and widely recognized organizations in the IT industry namely Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant Technology Services, IBM, Accenture offers good job opportunity and salary packages to fresh MCA candidates, which may be starting from 2.5 lakhs to 3.5 lakhs approximately and salary packages for some of other companies are even higher and negotiable depends on applicant’s profile.

    MCA : Career Prospects

    The top level IT companies and consultancy firms like TCS, Wipro, IBM, Oracle etc offers great job opportunities to a candidate with an MCA degree. In this era of computers the candidates find various opportunities in large corporations having an in-house systems department. They can even approach any IT company as a system developer and for various other roles.

    MCA student can even specialize in various fields in the final semester or the last year of their course. The following courses can be summed up below:

    Systems Management
    Systems Development
    Systems Engineering
    Application Software
    Management Information Systems (MIS)
    Software Development
    Hardware Technology

    WITH REGARDS FROM chandreyeeghosh….

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    Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?

    you can get the job in the field of the teaching in the many of the colleges for the good college if you select then you have the lot of the opportunities in the department of the teaching

    The colleges in which you can try are

    Bangalore college

    Bangalore ramayya college

    hyderabad college

    chennai college

    mangalore college

    delhi college etc,,,,

    Eligiblities requiremnts

    You have to complete the graduation form the recognized university

    you have the score of 65%

    you have to have the age limit 21-24

    you have the good teaching skills

    thank you...

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    Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?

    hello friend,

    This is not matter from where you have completed your degree you must be good knowledge about your related field subjects so on the based of knowledge you can get the job post ...

    For the MCA students daily so many job alert has been issued in which you can apply like :

    1. Lecturer job post In government collages through the NET entrance exam has been conducted by the UGC department

    2. SOfwtare companies jobs like
    FACEBOOK etc

    SElection process:
    for the selection in companies you must be do it preparation of Selection process round like :

    1. Written aptitutde test : Reasoning, verbal english, Aptitude, Technical Questions ,. C etc
    2. Technical Interview
    3. HR Interview etc

    Eligibility for the software companies jobs :

    1. you should be passed the 10 th or 12th with atleast 65% marks from any disciplined.
    2. you should be passed the bachelor degree or MCA with atleast 65% marks from any recognized university.
    3. Good communication skill.
    4. Good analytical and logical ability
    5. Good knowledge of computer softwares like C, C++, JAVA , LINUX etc

    thank yoU!

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    Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?

    Hello Friend...........

    MCA(Master of Computer Applications)-
    This is one of the post graduate degree course of study which is of the 3 years full time course of study and this course is generally done by the candidates who had completed the under graduate degree course of study in the computers science subjects and who ad completed the under graduation from the bachelor of technology or the bachelor degree candidate can also take up this MCA course of study and there are many jobs available for the MCA graduates in the government and also in the private sectors also.........

    After the completion of your MCA degree course of study it is not the matter of the small college or the reputed colleges or the university the ting you need to have for the jobs are you should have enough stough in you which are required for getting the job......
    You should have good communication skills,Inter personnel skills,mental ability,technical knowledge or the computer skills,etc,..which are required for getting in to the jobs..........

    There are many top IT companies and the MNC's which are also available and which are recruiting the MCA graduates and in order to get in to these companies you should have the above mentioned skills.you should have to attend to the interviews when there are openings in the companies and attend to the interviews or the selection procedures and the selection procedure contains of the
    Written Test
    Technical Round
    Group Discussion
    These are the general rounds which are conducted for the selection of the candidates in to the MNC's or any of the software fields.........
    There are many of the top companies which are available u as ........
    *Tech Mahindra
    *Techno soft
    There are also many of the government sectors also available which takes the MCA graduates such as the

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    Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?

    Hi Guest,

    If you doing MCA right now so it’s very good for you to choose programming field. It’s the best field and by this you can get a very good job. You are a computer field student than you have knowledge about programming language so choose any one of them which gives you opportunity for a good job.

    The various languages are





    You can also go for other fields like





    So its depend on you. Choose any one of them.

    Thank you,

    All the best.

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    Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?


    You have done MCA is best degree for computer software application no matter from where you have done your MCA,if you

    have knowledge then are many private companies for you,some of these are:





    Mahindra tech


    You have also many jobs in government sector such as banking so try in these fields.

    All the best.


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    Re: Can i get good job after completing MCA from a small college?


    MCA graduates have good opportunities in software industry

    After your MCA you can apply for software companies like



    You can also apply for government jobs after MCA .Some of the jobs you can apply are:

    Banking jobs(PO posts,Specialist officers post)
    Railway jobs)Senior posts)

    You can also apply for government sector companies like


    -> Skilled and well educated MCA graduates are in high demand in government sectors

    Thank you...

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