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    Career in Software engineering after B.Sc in IT?

    if i want to continue my carrer in software engineering.than for better job option wat should i do after bscIT. should i continue doing job on the basis of it or should do sumthing else to get good and job with healthy salary

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    Re: Career in Software engineering after B.Sc in IT?


    As a B.Sc in IT you would like to do job in the software companies as a software engineer and you mentioned the same,but the problem is that the B.SC(IT) is not going to be enough in terms of the educational qualification,you will have to complete your masters to increase your chances and opportunities in the software world,the B.SC(IT) is good but honestly speaking there is not much of recruitment of such degree holder candidate,it would be better if you go for the M.SC(IT),MCA.

    Along with that you need to understand that the software world is all about creating and designing different software which will be helpful to the mankind,and in order to do so you need to have good knowledge in the programming languages,different types and sorts of programming languages which will make you good enough to design a software.

    Now a days the online mania is on everybody craze,online shopping,online booking everything and it should be as it is so easy to make such things,without standing in the long queue,hence companies are trying to make such webpages and websites which will help them marketing their goods,the web pages now a days is been created and design in the ASP.NET framework,it is a huge importance in the market today,every big software company is using it.Try to learn it by heart,if you can do it properly,you will have a great future ahead.

    Along with these programming language like PHP is also having the same importance as that of ASP.NET,actually these two are the current craze in the software market,you can go with PHP to make your life career,along with JAVA always was important.

    Try to pick any one among PHP,ASP.NET,JAVA it is not possible to learn each of them,pick any one and make yourself the master in it.

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