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    Chances to get a job with history of backlogs with completion of B.Tech in 5 years


    I am a student of JNTU university, of B.tech(CSE) 2008-20012 batch. I had some backlogs which extended my degree duration. I will completed my backlog exams in May 2013.

    As the time is passing by, i am feeling more and more depressed. Hope of getting a job for myself are looking dim. I also have a reference in one of MNC

    I want to ask you guys about the the chances of getting a job with the help of reference after getting my original marksheets and PC pls help me guys

    I am looking forward for guidance and help.


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    Re: Chances to get a job with history of backlogs with completion of B.Tech in 5 years


    Having a year gap and that too for backlogs is really not happening ,but you should rather work on your skill,as whoever will take a look at your resume it will appear to them that you are not responsible and serious about your studies and career.But you will have to make them beleive that such is not the case with you.

    And try hard to work on your skill,learn the subjects hard which are necessary for the job placement so that whenever they will ask you a question in the interview you will be able to answer that question properly which will prove that you are good enough to get this job.

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