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    Is Communication a important for getting a job?

    sir is communicaton is important for getting job?

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    Re: Is Communication a important for getting a job?


    In today's job world communication skills are necessary to get good job with high salary.

    • Communication is also vital to interaction between you and your peers,
    • It is the ability to communicate well that distinguishes one individual with another.
    • Verbal communication is a larger part of how you present by your self,during in out of the organizations.
    • During Interviews and Group discussions also HR manager will focuses on your Speech delivery .
    • If any one unable to communicate well , it does not matter that how they are brilliant or talented , they cannot able to live potential fully unless they cannot present themselves well and adequately express their views.
    • Communication skills are most important because it usually Makes your Good career.
    • If you do not communicate effectively people will not concentrates on your speech and you will have limited career.
    • During work sessions also you have to be communicate well with others like co-workers,customers, etc., and gets a valuable suggestions from them..
    ***During typical interviews , the aspirants have a less or few time to to show their ability to speak,listen,and should respond in a clear and concise manner.If you use correct words in the correct order like tenses you will achieve job easily with Highest salary.

    Good LUck

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    Re: Is Communication a important for getting a job?

    • Yes, definately No doubt about it, communication plays a key role for having any job.
    • Whenever any vacancies has been advertised by the company, they clear write that applicant /candidate must have good communication skills.
    • But the problem is that many student lack having this skills.
    • Effective communication skills helps you to the message at the same meaning to the intervieweer.
    • Company looks for the good communication skill student because after getting job they need to deal wth the customers and conveniance them about the company product.
    • It is also helpful for presentation in the company.

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    Re: Is Communication a important for getting a job?

    Hi, Friend Yes Communication Play Key Roll in Our Day to Day life Professional life . Its Starts From Earling in the Morning to Knight
    1.types of Communications
    I.One way Communication
    II.Two way Communication
    In Interviews We are not able Communicate Properly the Results we get Rejected in Interviews
    First We Need to Listen very keen that the Opposite person saying Completely
    Then We Need to Respond accordingly
    Good communication is vital in a working and business environment. Communication includes basic skills such as being able to receive. In Employment you are Good communicator You will be rewarded. if you are having good Communication you will Be come good team player
    Communication is play major role in professional life
    all the Best

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    Re: Is Communication a important for getting a job?


    It is a fast world and if you want to be competitive then you should learn English as English is a Global Language and in today everywhere in the corporate world English is used only so if you want to be a part of this world and want to have a good job then you can be a Good employee otherwise you can never progress in your career in absence of a good language.

    Tips to improve English:-

    Read Newspaper
    Watch English News
    Never Hesitate to speak
    Speak wrong but speak
    Listen to people and try to grab their way of speaking
    Get a dictionary and look for a new word everyday and try to use it.
    Stand in front of a mirror and try to speak
    You can join some coaching too.

    Remember we can not speak English too Fluently like the way English person does but if we continue to learn this way then we can learn that much English which is necessary to get a good job and survive in that job so stop fearing and go and learn

    Hope it will help


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    Re: Is Communication a important for getting a job?

    Yes communication plays a vital role in getting a job. Because it is communication skill through which you will be able to represent you self and convey your capabilities to the recruiters otherwise sometimes being efficient also you lack due to communication skills. Communication reflects your personality and confidence but do remember that your skills are also taken in account not just the communication skills but yes,it makes a good impression.

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    Talking Re: Is Communication a important for getting a job?


    You want to know about the Topic of " Is Communication a important for getting a job? "......

    Dear friend,here are some informations for you

    Communication is the activity of conveying information through the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information. Communication requires a sender, a message, and a recipient, although the receiver need not be present or aware of the sender's intent to communicate at the time of communication, thus communication can occur across vast distances in time and space. Communication requires that the communicating parties share an area of communicative commonality. The communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the message of the sender. Communication plays the vital role in every man's life. Communication skill is important in every employer's life.

    WITH REGARDS FROM chandreyeeghosh .

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    Re: Is Communication a important for getting a job?


    Yes communication is more important for the getting the job without the communication you can not get the any good job. Today is fast growing world so all the fields competition is more in order to increases their productivity and company production the companies need the good communication candidates.

    If you have the good communication skills then you can join in the fields like

    =>Media Or Channel Reporter

    =>Company Projector

    =>It also helps in the Interview time

    =>Most of the company Interview have the Part of the Personal Interview .In which the candidates communication is more important.

    .If your communication is not good then you can learn it from the coaching classes and also online learning etc.. after learning do not give up try to talk with all your friends.

    If you have the good communication skills then try to make good update daily merans go on talking every whever

    Thank You.

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    Re: Is Communication a important for getting a job?

    yes, your communication skill should be better, because now a days your communication skill ,personlty, gesture & posture are seen in the interviews.

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    Re: Is Communication a important for getting a job?

    Hello dude!

    Communication skills play a vital role in interviews.It is must to speak effectively.So here are some tips:

    It is highly important during an interview to maintain focus.You have to listen carefully to the interviewer's questions and answer them in a forthright,upbeat manner.You cannot afford to beat day dreaming it could easily cost you the job.Pay good attention to your body language.

    It is also crucial that you speak in a professional manner.You need to avoid slang at all costs.Speak as you would if you were talking to someone whom you admire.Make sure that you express complete thoughts and enunciate your words.

    During the interview you must show off your poise and confidence.Therefore, it is important that you communicate a positive, upbeat attitude.If you show off any negativity,chances are interviewer will hold aganist you in the end.However,if you show enthusiasm chances are there for selection.

    You need to forget your worries in the interviews.If you are obessed about health of the cat or the hole in your roof, you will not be able to concentrate and cannot communicate effectively.When you enter the interview room,think as if you are entering into a new phase of your life.

    When at all possible,during your interview you need to emphasize your strengths.Talk about these times when you truimphed over adversity in your job.In this way you will be showcasing your talents during interview.Such accomplishments are memorable and are likely you to put in line as a finalist of the position.

    So in this way you must enhance your skills and enjoy the success.

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