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    Core job after B.Sc in IT

    PLZ tell me what can do after BSC.IT any job or any corce plz reply me.

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    Re: Core job after B.Sc in IT

    you have various opportunity in both sector Government and public sector.As you say you want to go for IT jobs then you should go in Wipro company this is good company there have more vacancy for B.Sc degree holders candidate if you join this company then you will completed 4 year then they will give you engineering degree. there are more company like Wipro

    All the best

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    Re: Core job after B.Sc in IT



    As you are from IT field you can observe so many job opportunities for you ...

    You can even apply for the government jobs too ...

    So If you are really good at programming languages then you will definitely be placed in MNC companies like






    YAHOO ..etc.,

    ANd you also apply for




    CIVILS ...etc.,


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    Re: Core job after B.Sc in IT


    As a IT degree holder,the best way to keep yourself intact with your subjects is to go for the job in the core companies of IT like wipro,tcs etc.
    All these companies are very much related to the software field ,actually they are software companies so they should be engaged with software's and that is why,you should try to apply for such companies,now the biggest factor you must understand that in the software field,the programming language have a huge importance as these programming languages are used widely to build a software and also in your curriculum of B.SC IT,you come to learn most of the subjects which are programming languages,so you must have understand that,you are applicable very much for applying in the software companies.

    They ask for minimum of 60% through out your academic career for the fresher who are applying for the job.
    In the government sector like navy,air force there are many core jobs for you,that is many computer and software related jobs,so you should try there,the following is the website of both air force and navy,you must visit there to collect all necessary information.

    www.careerairforce.nic.in(air force)

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    Re: Core job after B.Sc in IT

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