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    Details about getting a job in MNC companies after completing 3rd year in Computer science engineering

    I am a 3rd year computer science engineering student. I want to get job in mnc companies, so i want the details about campus interviews and tips to select campus interviews please guide me.i want some aplitude questions and details about online tests, now i am in sixth semester please guide me.

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    Re: Details about getting a job in MNC companies after completing 3rd year in Computer science engineering

    Hello dude!

    Being in third year Computer Science department you are not eligible for writing the government exams,you are eligible for some exams when you are in final year and for some exams when you complete graduation.However you have one and opportunity and that is campus interviews.If your college is a good at providing placements then you will have few chances otherwise you will have to wait until you get into final year.In your final year or after the completion of final year you are eligible for writing many exams.The various opportunities in MNC's are described below.Some of the top Companies are listed below:
    SYNTEL etc.

    The details are:
    • A Software Engineer is a highly skilled job and requires expert knowledge in Computer programming and Software development.
    • The ability to develop and interpret technical plans.
    • A creative approach to problem solving.
    • An excellent understanding of Computer Aided Software Engineering tools.
    • Excellent Communication Skillis(both written and verbal).
    • A good understanding of customer care.
    • Excellent Interpersonal skills.
    • Good team working abilities.
    • The ability to explain complicated process in non technical language.
    • The ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

    The selection process for all the companies is almost same.Basically there are two types,one is campus recruitment mode and the other direct application.The selection process of the campus recruitment mode is as follows.It consists of three rounds.Every round is a knock out round and if you get selected in all the rounds then you will be given an offer letter.They are:
    1.Written test.
    2.Technical Interview.
    3.HR Interview.
    If it's a direct application mode then there will be an interview only.

    First you must learn about the company and the services they provide.In addition to this you must know about yourself.So make it a point to explain yourself because with such simple questions,the interviewer assesses your language fluency and presentation style,your family background,your goal,aim and vision.

    Basically you must have good knowledge in the computer languages like C,C++,JAVA,ORACLE,.NET,PHP and scripting languages like Javascript,VBscript,J2EE,J2SE etc.If you can have the programming knowlege then it will be easy for you to clear the rounds.In addition to subject knowledge you must also have the ability to solve the questions related to Aptitude,Reasoning.

    Communication skills are among the intangible skill sets most valued by the employers.The ability to communicate effectively,especially during oral presentations can boost your marketability and viability to work in various career.To develop good skills,you need to consider both the verbal and non verbal factors,they are Body language,Vocal tone,Awareness etc.So they play a key role in the interviews.

    The above mentioned are the various details of the software companies.


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