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    Details about the government jobs in networking and hardware field?

    haiii I am completes My B.tech In IT branch and after B.tech now i am studying Hardware & Networking .i am interest to join in Any government job based on this course?
    ---->>>explain about government jobs in this field and also explain any bank jobs are existing in this Course .plz explain those all querries

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    Re: Details about the government jobs in networking and hardware field?

    The candidate who is looking for a challenging career in the hardware and networking field should possess a diploma or degree in any branch of engineering like electrical, telecommunication, computer science, and electronics. There are many institutes in India that offer these engineering courses. To get admission to these courses, the aspirants should have completed their 12th with science and also should be qualified in the state level or national level entrance exam. Some of the higher studies options for hardware and networking are Master of Computer Applications, M.E/M. Tech in Information Technology, Masters of Information Technology, M.E/M. Tech in Computer Science, B. Tech IT/CS, Masters in Computer Management, Certificate course in computer hardware, Certificate course in computer networking, etc.

    Nowadays, the networking and hardware professionals are highly necessary in the government organizations for the proper functioning of the computers since the usage of computer in such firms have been increased a lot. These candidates can find job openings in telecommunication companies like MTNL, BSNL, etc. They can also have career options in hardware repair shops, call centres, BPO firms, system design companies, software companies, hardware manufacturing companies, etc.
    The networking/hardware engineers working in these firms must be responsible for the following duties.
     To repair system software and hardware drives of server, network of PC, sound and printer
     To monitor network and to check the health of PC
     Troubleshooting problems pertaining to server, computers and networking
     To provide configuration of hardware of computers in the organization
     To repair major computer related hardware equipment like UPS, CPU, printer, monitor and related accessories
     To perform such other functions as assigned by the higher authorities of the department of hardware and networking
     To work with server-based network and PC management software

    Networking and hardware is a developing area that will create many career opportunities in the near future.

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    Re: Details about the government jobs in networking and hardware field?


    H.No. 204, Khatriyan
    Beharipur, Bareilly-243001
    Contact no-9568189215, 8979674466
    E-MAIL- gauravsaxena53@gmail.com


    To work in an organization that natures my potential and provide long term regarding employment, I believe in myself and pursued may goals with zealously and sincerely to make the future more glorious still.


    %u2022 Assembling and Disassembling the computer, Cabling troubleshooting
    %u2022 Networking, LAN & WAN trouble shooting. Network Auditing, Knowledge of configure and maintenance.
    %u2022 DHCP (Dynamic host configuration protocol),VPN (Virtual Private Network),DNS (Domain Name Service), WDS
    %u2022 Designing IP addressing scheme using subnets. Configuring Routers and Switches, Switch Configuration
    %u2022 Troubleshooting of all windows version and printers.


    %u2022 Creating Network access for new hire, assigning them appropriate permissions as per role.
    %u2022 Creating mailbox and setting home folder permissions for them as per requirement.
    %u2022 Giving access to new hires as well as existing employees on different applications through ACTIVE DIRECTORY and DNS.
    %u2022 Access to different applications was done by adding different security groups.
    %u2022 Giving access to shared drives and home folders as per requirements.
    %u2022 Configured outlook 2003, managing groups and permissions on exchange server.


    %u2022 Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking from HCL Career Development Centre Bareilly.


    %u2022 B.com. from M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly in 2011
    %u2022 10 2 from U.P. Board in 2008
    %u2022 10 from U.P. Board in 2006

    %u2022 Date of Birth : 15th Jan 1991
    %u2022 Father%u2019s Name : Shri Vipin Chandra Saxena
    %u2022 Gender : Male
    %u2022 Marital Status : Unmarried
    %u2022 Languages Known : Hindi & English
    %u2022 Nationality : Indian
    %u2022 Hobbies : Reading Magazines and Newspaper


    I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

    Date: - Signature
    Place: - (Gaurav Saxena)

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    Re: Details about the government jobs in networking and hardware field?

    Hi Guest,

    Lots of jobs available for hardware & networking jobs in govt. sector:

    1. With the increasing usage of computers in every government organizations nowadays, the need for hardware and networking professionals in highly felt since these professionals are highly essential to ensure the proper functioning of the computers in the organization.

    Therefore, there are ample job opportunities for networking and hardware professionals in India.

    Government job notifications:

    Recently, the following government organization recruited candidates for the hardware and networking field:

    1.Administrative Officer for IT (hardware, software and networking) New India Assurance Company Limited

    2.Hardware Manager Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute

    3.Telecommunication companies like BSNL, MTNL

    Thank you,

    All the best.

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