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    Details about job as forensic expert after M.Sc in F.Sc?

    sir i want to job as i have completed my m.sc in f.sc so i want to make my future in this field

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    Re: Details about job as forensic expert after M.Sc in F.Sc?

    FBI Fingerprint Card for VISA, Immigration, Clearance-
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    FBI and State Police Fingerprinting for VISA, Immigration in USA, UK, CANADA, State Police Clearance, FD 258 card and other Forms like- RCMP C-216C...

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    Re: Details about job as forensic expert after M.Sc in F.Sc?

    With the rising number of incidents of crime and fraud in India, the scope of forensic science is definitely rising. Today there are Forensic Science related jobs in both the Government and Private Sector...Crime Branches, CBI, CID, Police, Investigation Bureau, Defense/Army, Courts, Narcotics Dept., Universities,Detective Agencies, Banks, Insurance Companies. One can even engage in private practice. Forensic Science, as you know, is the application of assorted scientific methods and principles for the proper investigation of crime.
    Forensic Experts having expertise in different fields (and hence designations) like
    Forensic Scientists, Forensic Investigators, Fingerprint Expert, Handwriting Expert, Crime Scene Investigator and suc others collect clues from the crime scene and elsewhere to convert them into evidences to prove a crime or solve a case. If you are really interested, log on to the site http://www.all-about- forensic-science.com/forensic- science job-scope-and-career-in- india.html and you will get to know more about scope and career in this field.

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