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    Dilemma in higher education or job search?

    Hello I am madhava I am in dilema with doing higher education or job search. I completed my b.tech with major as cse in 2011. I need advice to do in correct way. And is 4 months is enough to complete my gate course.
    learning any course that is useful for the job
    please give me the solution that is useful to my carrer in a long way.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Dilemma in higher education or job search?


    this is the sage where you need to take a wise decision for a better and bright future. I'll suggest you some options which may help you decide exactly what you are exactly interested in.

    1. MTech. You didnt mention the branch that you've opted in your B.tech. If you might have did that it would have been easy for me to suggest you some of the branches in mtech which are in great demand now. anyways, you can choose MTech as a career option if you interested in doing any specialization in a subject you are interested in belonging to your core field. Doing so will definitely increase your job opportunities. doing Mtech in good institutions will help you increase your skills(in technical sense) as you'll be able to study a subject in depth. If you are for ECE, you'll have sub like VLSI, Embedded etc where you'll come to know about the technology, its origin, present and future. you will be made to do a lot of projects which will be a great help to your career. SO... lastly , if you are going to join your Mtech, concentrate on practical work, you'll definitely enjoy your course then.

    2. MBA : this field is for those who are willing to come to the management side. You'll not have any TECHNICAL work related to your core field in Btech. But this is also very interesting. you'll can choose sub like HR, finance etc which deals with the managerial and recruitment process of a firm. But doing MBA with some work experience is generally preferred.

    3. JOB. If you not willing to study any more, you can choose this option. This will give a lot of opportunities where you can implement what all you've learnt in your 4 years of btech. you'll be practically seeing things which you've read till now.
    IF YOU OPT A JOB IN YOUR CORE FIELD. If you choose software as a career you'll have to work more with programming languages like C, JAVA,.Net, ORACLE etc... you'll have to do projects within deadlines... work in teams ... and so on..

    Yes 4 months of sincere study is enough to get a good score in GATE exam. all the best

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    Re: Dilemma in higher education or job search?

    You should go for higher education for if you dont have any financial problem as you will find it easy to find jobs . .

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