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    ECEIL GET paper with solutions?

    ECEIL GET paper with solutions?

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    Re: ECEIL GET paper with solutions?


    ECEIL GET paper with solutions--

    1.From RADAR, PRF frequency given,we have to find maximum usable range .

    2. From RADAR,time taken is given we have to find Range of RADAR.

    3.Microwave oven works on wich concept:

    a) TWT & Induction heating b)Dielectric Heating

    4.Which Diaode is made from metal: Schottky diode

    5.Find steady state error Ess for ramp input and 1st order system 1/(1+sT).

    6.Find DC gain of 1/s(s+1)(s+2).

    7. What is the disadvantage of FM: complex circuitry.

    8. B(beta) ray consist of:
    a) proton b)photon c) neutron d)electron

    9.Waveguide bahaves as:
    a)HPF b) LPF c)BPF d)BSF

    10.Bolometer is used to measure:
    a)voltage b) microwave power c) VSWR d) microwave loss
    ans:b) microwave power

    11.Routing can do in which layer:
    a) network layer b) transport layer c)datalink layer d) physical layer
    ans:a) network layer

    12. A PROGRAM:
    int p, q;
    p=5, q=6;
    value of p & q is respectively
    ans: p=6 & q=6

    13.If size of available memory chip is 8K bytes then to get a memory size havind 12 address & 4 data line, how many available chip is required:
    a)2 b)4 c) 8 D) 16

    14. Which Theorem or effect is related to cooling:
    a) Seeback b) Peltier C) Thomson d) Faraday
    ans:b) Peltier

    15.Principle of optical fibre is:
    a) Total internal reflection b) core cladding interface
    ans: a) total internal reflection

    16.One question is from zener diode ckt.

    17.One question from simple pn diode ckt.

    18.JFET linear region occurs where gate voltage is:
    a) forward biased b) reverse biased c) either forward or reverse biased d) unbiased

    19.One question from memory size and address line related.

    20. Find gain of anteena in DB, if area of aperture is given.

    21. Two questions from transistor ckt, B(beta) and Vbe given, we have to find Vce and Current.. diagram was given.

    22.Two- three questions from ADC & DAC , related to resolution & all.

    23.In 4 bit Successive aproximation method, for b1=0, what should be the input combination:
    a)8,9 b)1,2 c)4,6 d)2,4

    24.Two very simple question from OPAMP based on virtual groud concept, .

    25. If one input of EX-Or gate is Vcc and other is A. then what would be the output.

    26. 2-3 very easy question from Digital ckt.

    27. Find reflection coefficient , when ZL & Zo given.Formula based.

    28. One question from network ckt based on balanced Wheatstone bridge concept.

    29. Two more question from network circuit based on simple current & voltage division and basic network theorems.
    All the best.

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