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    Which engineering course is in great demand in world and job market?

    Which Engineering course is in great demand in world & job market? Please rate the subjects and let me know.

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    Re: Which engineering course is in great demand in world and job market?


    The every engineering subject has its own important at its places.but it basically is the fact that some of the departments have been the core of engineering and will always remain forever.

    Like the civil engineering and the B.ARCH means bachelor of architecture,no body can deny the importance of this two engineering departments as they are the core and in many ways have so much of value in the market,even recession have only small effect on this engineering departments.even these are very much required for applying in the various government jobs.

    Other than these the engineering departments like electronics,telecommunication,instrumentation all have huge importance,specially in the government sector.All of them have been the core group of engineering.Along with these the mechanical engineering is also very good.

    The most developing and spreading like a virus fact these days is computers and the use of software in our daily life,specially in developing countries like India where,the various software and IT companies are increasing day by day and they are making it enough vacancies for the computer science and It engineers.

    You can pursue your career in this departments,they have a bright futures always.
    Along with them some of the branches like electrical,marine engineering,pharmacy all have good future,you need to choose the best and according to your interest.

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    Re: Which engineering course is in great demand in world and job market?

    Well dear all courses of engineering had a wide scope and they all are in demand.but one thing i should tell you and that is the courses are not in demand.it is the students which are in demand.so you should persue good knowledge and skills of your subjects then you are in demand.one more thing that mostly core branches are prefered as they are ever green branches.civil mechanical and electrical are the branches which are prefered.best of luck

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    Re: Which engineering course is in great demand in world and job market?

    Dear friend here are so many streams in Engineering which has so many scopes...Some streams have scope in India and some have also scope in Foreigner or abroad cities...

    But in my opinion Mechanical Engineering is one of the best Engineering stream and it is a Evergreen Engineering stream which has so many scope in present time and also in future time...And Civil Engineering is the another one very good stream because now a time there are so many increasing in construction work so therefor the demands of the civil Engineers will also increased so it is also one of the best stream of engineering..In addition of this the IT stream has so many scope in abroad companies because there have so much need of IT candidates...

    And in addition of this there are also some other developing streams like Agriculture Engineering , Aeronautical Engineering , Chemical Engineering , Textile Engineering , or etc....
    They have also the rising streams which have so many scope in Indian Companies....Thank you

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    Re: Which engineering course is in great demand in world and job market?

    following engineering course demand in job market:
    1. Mechanical engineering
    2. Computer engineering
    3. Do some animation course etc.

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