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    Expected salary in Tamil Nadu government hospital for BDS candidate?

    how much is the salary in tamilnadu government hospital for a BDS candidate fresh from the college wat are the other options to earn atleast 20000 to 40000 per month immediately after completing bds

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    Re: Expected salary in Tamil Nadu government hospital for BDS candidate?

    Hey aspirant,
    First let me brief you about BDS course and it prospectus
    Actually BDS is a Bachelor degree in Dental Sciences and involves the identification and treating dental related problems
    And admission to this course as you know would be through a medical entrance exam that is conducted by the central or state government
    And since dental study has a lot of scope and job opportunities both in INDIA and Abroad, you have options of either going in for a job directly after BDS or for higher studies (in INDIA/ABROAD) like MDS etc.

    As in any other industry , in the healthcare idustry too you can find a suitable job in both Government and private sectors (hospitals/clinics etc)

    In the PRIVATE sector jobs you can look for opportunities in private hospitals (Specifically Dental Hospitals) and apply for an entry level job
    Entry level jobs dont give you huge salary but a formidable salary can be expected from the institution
    However as you gain experience and with years of working for that organization, you can look out for an even higher pay , and this again depends on the institution you work for
    And if you feel you want to be an independent dentist, you have the option of gaining a good amount of experience with the hospitals/clinics (for a brief period of time, say 4-5 years) and then start your own clinic .
    Also another vibrant option is TEACHING, as some dental colleges offer jobs for BDS graduates the post of LECTURERS etc
    An important point to be noted is that, if you hold a MASTERS DEGREE, you have even much colourfull opportunity, as the salary you can expect and your designation will also be better than those with only a BDS degree.
    MDS graduates can also participate in the R&D(research & development) activities of a particular institution / hospital

    A government sector job in some respect is much safer and better than a private sector job
    This is due to few obvious reasons like
    Better Salary
    Allowances and also job security is guaranteed
    and apart from this , you also get promotion and rise in position (with reference to the designations etc)
    The suitable places where you can find yourself a government job are
    Public hospitals and Healthcare clinic
    Military / defence
    Railways etc

    Regarding the salary package
    As i already mentioned the initial/entry level jobs dont offer you huge pays as BDS is a Undergraduate degreee program
    In order to obtain an increase in salary, you also have an option of increasing your grade, therby your salary also increaes
    In a government institution, you can write a grade exam, while in service and upon clearing those exams your grade increases and so does your pay scale also increases linearly
    As a fresher you can expect a salary that could be anything between 10,000 to 15,000 and this again increases based on the experience
    NOTE: EXPERIENCE plays a very vital role in your field

    here i would also like to mention about the opportunity and gains experienced by a MDS graduate
    (i have mentioned this just to give an idea about the extra salary you might get if you are an MDS graduate)
    As a FRESHER (MDS) you may expect a salary to be anywhere between : 25,000 to 30,000 and this is performance based too!

    Apart from this i would like to give you additional information regarding dental industry
    *The following information is the information that i had already mentioned in a previous post of mine*

    For BDS graduates:
    you may get opportunities in different hospitals and clinics all over the country , as there are different openings , with regards to your field
    you may get jobs entitled either as:
    dental surgeon
    Cosmetic dentist
    Dental Hygienist (oral hygienist)
    Implant surgeon
    Senior Residents - Dentistry ( Prosthondontics )Senior Residents - Dentistry ( Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry )
    Senior Residents - Dentistry ( Community dentistry )
    Senior Residents - Dentistry ( Orthodontics )
    Senior . Medical Officer
    Medical Officer
    Assistant Medical Officer
    Lecturer Operative Dentistry
    Dentist chair side assistant
    General Practitioner & Dentist.
    dental Therapist
    Junior Medical Technologist Trainee
    Dental Surgeon
    Junior resident ( non acaemic ) - dental surgery

    and many other similar posts depending upon the hospital or clinic that might recruit you
    But the basic qualification required for all the post being BDS

    Talking about the opportunities that you have
    Let me tell you that you have a lot of opportunities in both the government side and also in the private side (pvt hospitals and clinics)
    There is a huge demand for dentist specially in the private hospitals and clinics and specially clinics and hospitals which have been recently started

    First let me tell you about the government part
    there are two important agencies that recruit BDS holders for various post, the two agencies being
    1.INDIAN ARMY and
    and apart from this , even government hospitals also recruit BDS graduates, but these two prominent agencies do recruit BDS graduates too!

    In the INDIAN ARMY, you can appy with the BDS degree undert the "Short Service Commission in Army Dental Corps (AD Corps)"

    1.Short Service Commission in Army Dental Corps (AD Corps)
    -Total number of vacancies (for 2012) is = 36
    -BDS degree, with a minimum of 55% in the final year (or)
    -MDS from any college or university recognized by the dental council of India
    -the candidate must have completed a year (one year specifically) of rotatory Internship which also have to be recognized by DCI (dental council of India) by the 31st of October 2012.
    - Should have a Permanent Dental Registration Certificate which must be valid at least upto 31st Dec 2012.
    - age limit : the candidate must be less than 45 years of age as on 31st of December 2012.
    -Medical fitness is a prerequisite as it pertains to a job in the Armed forces

    Procedure for applying for the post:
    The candidate can apply for this post through an application that is available in the respective website, download it and do the following:
    Candidates must affix a photograph on the given space, sign(attest over it) and along with it , the required documents are the be attached and mailed/submitted in person to
    "The Director General Armed Forces Medical Services (DGAFMS/DENTAL), Room No.12, L Block, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi 110001"
    The last date for submission of the documents and application form is on or beofre 31st of october 2012 (31-10-2012)


    - Short-listing for interview: For BDS candidates short listing is done on the marks obtained in the finals and also based on the number of attempts taken to clear the final attempt . And short listed candidates will be called for an interview
    For MDS graduates selection is done , if the posses the degree.
    - Medical Examination: After the candidates are selected in the interview , then the selected candidates undergo a medical fitness check to ascertain their medical fitness

    2.The second option is the Indian RAILWAYS

    In the railways , you have an option of getting job as Dental Hygienist(as mentioned above)
    This post requires basic eligibility criterion like
    1.A Degree in Science (like Biology) from any recognized university (OR) equivalent and
    2.A Diploma degree or a Certificate Course(2 years) in Dental Hygiene from any institute, which is recognized by the Dental Council of India (DCI) and
    3. the candidate must be registered with the Dental Council of India as a Dental Hygienist and
    4. most importantly the candidate must have 2 years of experience as a Dental Hygienist

    i hope this information was of some use to you
    Prepare hard and all the very best for your future
    THANK U!

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