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    Extra qualification needed to do job after completing M.Sc in Computer science?

    my name is pradeep singh sengar i have completed my M.sc computer science in 2010
    my question is about my job i want to go in it field but i dont have any extra qualification like
    android ,,,php and other technical knowledge...etc
    sir pls tell me for IT sector which course is good for me from which i can get my IT job and earn maximum money also..

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    Re: Extra qualification needed to do job after completing M.Sc in Computer science?


    You can do a course on ETHICAL HACKING.You can do it from INDIAN SCHOOL OF ETHICAL HACKING(ISOEH).

    --General Contact Information--

    ISOEH Saltlake Branch

    Infinity Benchmark Building
    18th Floor
    Saltlake Electronics Complex
    Sector - V, Kolkata - 700091
    ISOEH Jadavpur Branch

    D/24, Katju Nagar
    1st Floor
    Kolkata 700032
    Beside South City Shopping Mall
    ISOEH Kharagpur Branch

    Inda, Allahabad Bank Building
    1st Floor
    O. T. Road, Kharagpur

    +91 9830310550, +91 9434243285


    Basic Knowledge of Database, Serveside Programming (PHP or JSP or ASP.net) and Basic knowledge of Networking.


    4 hours x 12 days; 2 classes per week
    Weekend Classes Available

    --Course Fees--


    --Course Details--

    Introduction to Ethical Hacking
    Legality and Ethics
    Networking & Basics
    Foot Printing
    Google Hacking
    System Hacking
    Windows Hacking
    Trojans & Backdoors
    Virus & Worms
    Social Engineering
    Proxy Server & Packet Filtering
    Denial of Service
    Social Engineering
    Denial of Service Attack
    Session Hijacking
    Penetration Testing
    Vulnerability Assessment
    Linux Hacking
    Physical Security
    Hacking Webservers
    Web Application Vulnerabilities
    Web Based password Cracking Techniques
    SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
    Wireless Network Hacking and Countermeasures
    Evading IDS, Firewalls and Detecting Honey Pots
    Buffer Overflows
    Reverse Engineering
    Hacking Database Servers
    Spying Technologies
    Hacking Routers and Firewalls
    Computer Forensics and Incident Handling
    Hacking emails
    Privacy on the Internet
    Creating Security Policies
    Exploit Writing
    Patch Management
    Covering Tracks

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