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    Good job with 63% in B.Tech with 3 backlogs

    Hie sir I'am into final year B.tech now. i hardly got 63% and i hav 3 backlogs i think i wont b eligible to get a job in placements but can i get a good job with this percentage if i clear my backlogs by the end of the year?

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    Re: Good job with 63% in B.Tech with 3 backlogs


    Yes you can get a good job,you have a percentage of 63% which is good enough to apply for the companies in both the government sector and the private sector.

    As a engineering graduate you can apply in the companies like software companies where they demand for 60% through out your career.If you have this much of percentage through out academic career then you are absolutely eligible.

    While in the government sector you only need to show your percentage in the degree,they do not ask for the academic career percentage.So as you have 60% you are applicable there also as they also demand for minimum of 60%.

    But the main issue is that you need to clear your backlogs paper,if you do not then it would become impossible for you to get any in any sector,it is a clear observation that if you do not clear your backlogs then you are not going to get your degree,and if you do not have any degree then how can you can apply for any job.

    If you have clear your backlogs then it is not a problem,because having a history of backlog is not a issue,no body will ask you question regarding it.But having a backlog in present is not a good idea.

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    Re: Good job with 63% in B.Tech with 3 backlogs

    HI dear friend

    No you dont get any good job with this backlogs

    Any company can offer jobs for graduates without having any backlogs

    -->It is safe to compltete all these backlogs

    -->Then only you will get a definitely get agood job

    -->Also sure TCS like top companies offered the students with atmost 2 backlogs

    Allthe best

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