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    Good job with nice salary in Indian after B.Sc in Technology?

    1) i m gng to choose B.tec biotecnology.after i complete my course i nd to get good job,with nice salary in India??? 2)i like biology say that biotecnology i essy r mre tough. 3)what kind of job i get after my course

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    Re: Good job with nice salary in Indian after B.Sc in Technology?

    Soon after the completion of B.Sc in Biotechnology, don't go for job opportuniteis. Try to pursue higher education. Because on the basis of graduation in biotechnology, you will not be offered high salary and apart from that you have to go through hard core work in laboratories and other pharmaceutical companies.

    Along with this, one more thing that I can suggest you is go for MBA course in post graduation level. The job opportunities through M.Sc in life science courses like
    -Zoology are limited.

    If you get a job to work in pharmaceutical or biotech company, that environment may not be comfortable to all the candidates

    For some candidates, it is so difficult to adapt to such environment. If you are interested in doing Ph.D, then go for M.Sc in biotechnology or other stream which ever you are interested.

    As far as the salaries are concerned, the salary depends upon the job designation that you are going to join.

    Candidate can get a maximum of Rs.10000/- per month through B.Sc in Biotechnology. But if you join as Medical Representative, you will be paid more and apart from that you will be also be given other incentive

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