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    government jobs for b.tech biotechnology students?


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    Re: government jobs for b.tech biotechnology students?

    Biotechnology is one among the fast growing sectors in the present world. Your choice of B. Tech with Biotech as the graduate level studies is really appreciable. The course offers wide career scope both in public as well as private sector enterprises. One can find adequate career opportunities in the Pharmaceutical sector and Agricultural sector. Government enterprises involved in Food Processing and Chemicals are also recruiting candidates in Biotechnology for their various positions. These professionals can get in to the role of Analyst in quality control and in Research firms. Apart from this, the candidate can apply in any of the Government companies mentioned below.
    • All India Biotech Association (AIBA)
    • Biotech Consortium India Limited
    • Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, Kerala (RGCB)
    • Amersham Pharmacia Biotech Asia Pacific Ltd, Chennai
    • BrainWave Bioinformatics Ltd, Chennai
    • Aristo Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Mumbai
    • Catalyst Pharma Consulting, Mumbai
    • Excel Industries Limited, Mumbai
    • Sisco Research Laboratories Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai
    • Hi Tech Bio Laboratories, Pune
    The candidate should get through the written exam and the interview conducted by the employing firm to get in to the position. Details regarding the job can be collected from the official website of the concerned body or through employment dailies. The candidate should under stand the eligibility requirements and application procedure clearly before start applying for the job.

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    Re: government jobs for b.tech biotechnology students?

    i m a btech biotech student will i b able to get a good job?? how much will be the salary??

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    Re: government jobs for b.tech biotechnology students?

    Dear Aspirant,

    As a B.Tech in biotechnology you have opportunity in government as well as in privet sector.

    In government sector

    Government Research institute
    : For scientific posts like scientiest/scientific officer/scientific assistant/laboratory assistant

    Some of them are:

    National institute for brain research

    National institute for ocean technology

    National institute of immunology

    National institute for plant genome research

    Indian institute of chemical biology

    Institute of microbial technology

    Center for cellular and molecular biology

    Central rice research center

    Institute of genomics and integrative biology

    Government Universities/ colleges
    : For faculty and laboratory posts

    Punjab university

    West bengal university of health sciences

    Osmania university




    CU Hyderabad


    Government autonomous bodies: For scientific writings/data management/administrative posts/scientist

    Department of science and technology

    Biotech consortium India limited

    Indian council for agricultural research

    State and central pollution control boards

    Department of biotechnology

    Indian council of medicinal research

    Council for industrial and scientific research

    For private sector you have opportunity at: As chemist/formulation scientist/scientist/microbiologist/quality assurance/quality controller

    Bioprocess industries

    Waste management and pollution control industries

    Bioinformatics industries

    Research product manufacturing industries

    Food processing units

    Pharmaceutical industries

    Health care industries

    For vacancy related alerts and information visit



    All the best.

    Thanks and regards

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