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    Government jobs for bio-medical engineer?

    Dear sir/Madam
    I completed Diploma Engg in Electronics & Tele-com engineering.and Post Diploma in Medical Electronics.Both are from AICTE approved and from West Bengal State Council of Technical Education Board.Working in a reputed multi-facility hospital over 8 years as a Bio-medical engineer.Is there any Govt Job for me?
    Palash Panja

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    Re: Government jobs for bio-medical engineer?

    You are well qualified and you are eligible for various job posts.You can get job based on your diploma qualification as well as being a bio-medical engineer.As you have a good experience,so this experience is an additional benefit for you during your interviews.There are plenty of government jobs available for you.
    Elaborating in detail,

    On the basis of your diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication:-
    E&TC is a very good branch in modern world and its demand is increasing day by day.Diploma Holders passing out from an AICTE recognized institute are in good demand.You can undertake project work and work as research scholar.

    Electronics diploma holder can get the job posts under the electronics, communication, computer field,networking field etc.You can get job in Core Companies(mainly PSUs),Defense Sector,Railways,Banking Sector administrative Sector.Organizations like MTNL, Indian Telephone Industries, Post and Telegraph Department, Bharat Electronics Limited, Defense, Research Establishment, Entertainment transmission industry etc. recruit diploma engineers for the post of Junior Engineer/Technician.Apart from these,many other PSUs and organizations like ISRO also recruit diploma candidates.

    Selection Procedure-
    Written Test

    Government jobs as bio-medical engineer:-

    It is one of the emerging fields in today’s world.You can work in the field of biological sciences, engineering sciences, and medical sciences.You can also help in developing products and devices for diagnosis and treatment.Government Sectors like-
    Waste management
    Public funded Laboratories
    Bio-processing industries.
    Public funded laboratories
    Environment control
    Food processing
    Drug and pharmaceutical research

    are in need of such candidates.So,you can work there.You can also work in government hospitals and research centres.You can even join armed forces and railways as a bio-medical officer.

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    Re: Government jobs for bio-medical engineer?

    There are many jobs for bio-medical engineer:
    1)Clinical engineer.
    2)bioinstruementation engineer.
    3)biomaterial engineer.
    4)biomechnics engineer.
    5)physical therapist.
    6)research scientist..
    You can also apply in banking sector,railway sector,Indian navy,Indian army..

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    Re: Government jobs for bio-medical engineer?

    Hello My Dear Friend ...

    >> Bio-Medical Engineering is the very vast and so many various job opportunities ...

    >> You can apply for the various jobs as well as there are so many career opportunities too..

    >> You can work for the role as










    @ PATENT ANALYST ...etc.,


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