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    Guidance towards certification course?

    hi.. I have done my MBA in Marketing and IT..and I have 2 years of experience in an Educational Institute in the placement cell (admin work/files management/student database management) . Now its been an year I left my job and now I have relocated to Hyderabad. And I m looking for a job now..I dont think I will get a good job in educational institute.being an MBA and doing admin work..I dont find it as a good option..Initially it was a campus placement and recession was there so I joined the job . Now m looking for a good job related to IT management and I want to know what kind of certification or short term courses could be done and from where like CAPM,Risk Management etc(non technical areas) which will help me fetch a good job. Please advice courses which are more benficial and have good scope in near future.Thanks a lot and hope to get your reply at my id richa.arora.ra@gmail.com.Thanks again.

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    Re: Guidance towards certification course?

    Donít follow the instructions of web blindly..
    take suggestions of your lecturers and seniors as well
    keep confidence on your goal .
    all the best for your golden future..
    make a habit of reading news papers, and visiting govt p.o.s offices as well
    thank u..

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