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    Having a DOB of 7-6-89, can i get a job?

    when will i get a job???
    i am in serach of a job.. my dob 7-6-89...

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    Re: Having a DOB of 7-6-89, can i get a job?

    Dear Aspirant,

    You are eligible for maximum all Government Jobs

    Your age is :
    Your Date of Birth is 07/06/1989

    Today Date is (When i answer your question) 07/06/2012.

    From 07/06/1989 to Today Date that is 07/06/2012.Your age is Exactly 23 years.

    You have 23 years old .

    So you are eligible for 100% all Government Jobs in Government Sector.

    You have to apply for job ,You can eligible for Maximum all Government Jobs in Government Sector.

    Before apply any government Job,You should check your Educational Qualifications.

    If you satisfied Educational qualification ,You can eligible to apply for Government Job

    You didn't mentioned about your Educational Qualifications.If you mentioned your Educational Qualification .I will give your full details for according to your Educational Qualification right job for you.

    Valuable and Important Point for you:

    If you want to get any Government Job ,You should have a good grip on following Concepts

    • General Studies
    • General Awareness
    • English Language
    • Quantitative Aptitude
    • Reasoning Skills
    • Computer Skills (For Some Jobs)

    You should get a good grip on these skills ,When you get a good grip on these skills ,You can definitely get a good government job .

    Key Points for Success:

    For these concepts learning ,You have to remember following points

    • Practice
    • Revision
    • Mock Tests
    • Self Confidence

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