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    Higher studies after B.Sc in Bio chemistry?

    hello sir,
    im eswari this year i finish my bsc bio chemistry ,i like food technology job s so what kind of studies & job s in there rl me sir this is very important to my higher studies.

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    Re: Higher studies after B.Sc in Bio chemistry?

    Hi dear..... they are number of jobs available for you . They are the following:

    Technical Writer/Editor
    Clinical Research Specialist
    Laboratory Technician
    Plant Biochemist
    Research Associate
    Employment Areas

    Agricultural Research Services
    Biotechnology Firms
    Chemical Industry
    Chemicals Manufacturing Companies
    Cosmetic Companies
    Colleges / Universities
    Education Sector
    Engineering Firms
    Forensic Crime Research
    Food Institutes
    Health Care Providers
    Heavy Chemical Industries
    Industrial Laboratories
    Indian Civil Services
    Medical Research
    Manufacturing and Processing Firms
    Medical Laboratories
    Oil Industry
    Petroleum Companies
    Pharmaceutical Companies
    Power Generating Companies
    Pyrotechnics Manufacturers
    Research and Development Firms
    Seed And Nursery Companies
    Testing Laboratories
    Technical Journals
    Utility Companies
    Waste-water Plants
    Private Sector Jobs after B.Sc in Chemistry

    Higher education programs such as M.Sc, Ph.d etc are also offered in the same stream of study. These higher education courses after B,Sc Biochemistry increases the possibility to obtain a reputed job in the area. They can find career openings in Bio informatics, in medical field, in education sector and so on.

    So... Best of luck....

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    Re: Higher studies after B.Sc in Bio chemistry?

    Qualification Criteria for Higher Studies in Bio chemistry after B.Sc

    The candidates who wishes to pursue a Higher studies in Biochemistry needs to have a bachelors degree in biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology etc. Candidates who have done Biotechnology, Life science, Nutrition and Dietetics are also eligible to go for higher studies in Biochemistry. The candidates must have more than 50% of marks in the graduation as to submit an application in reputed colleges.

    Higher study options in Bio chemistry after B.Sc

    M.D. Biochemistry
    M.Phil. Biochemistry
    M.Sc. Biochemistry
    M.Sc. Biochemistry (Integrated)
    M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry
    Ph.D. Biochemistry
    Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Biochemistry
    Post Graduate Diploma in Biochemistry
    Subjects covered under Higher Studies in Bio chemistry

    There are many subjects which are a part of the core curriculum in various masters programs in biochemistry. This includes Cell Biology and Physiology, Bimolecular and Microbial Biochemistry along with Bio-analytical Techniques etc. M.Sc Biochemistry programs will also includes Nutritional Biochemistry, Bioorganic Preparations and Analytical Biochemistry, Immunology etc. Students will also get a deep understanding on other subjects also like Bio-analytical Techniques, Enzymology, Plant Biochemistry, Clinical Biochemistry, Neurobiochemistry, Outlines of Biotechnology and Enzyme Technology.

    Career Opportunities after Higher studies in Bio chemistry

    Biochemists are involved in the manufacture of biochemical products. They are mostly involved in experimenting, analyzing and research. Biochemistry is a subject which covers advances in broad areas, including health, cultivation and environment. Biochemistry has also found its application in clinical and forensic field. There are also various options available in the food and pharmacological industries.

    Biochemistry being a multi disciplinary subject, students who pass out from this field of study enjoys a wide range of career opportunities in various fields like industry, hospitals, research and development, education etc. There are many employment options available for biochemist in both private and public sector. The Department of Agriculture, National Institutes of Health, along with the Environmental Protection Agency are few of the public agencies which employs biochemist.

    all the best

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