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    How to apply for government jobs after completing BDS degree?

    i have completed my BDS degree . i want to apply for govt jobs.how can i proceed .what are the various exams conducted ?

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    Re: How to apply for government jobs after completing BDS degree?

    Hello Friend,

    Excellent job opportunities are available for students of dentistry in hospitals, dental clinics, teaching division of colleges & universities and nursing homes. With the awareness of dental healthcare spreading everywhere, it is quite easy for students of BDS to get jobs as soon as they finish their studies and residency. Besides health care centres, they can also have opportunities with corporate firms that launch oral care products and medicines. Self employment is also another good option for people. This article will talk about the different career opportunities available for students once they have finished their education in dentistry.

    Government Jobs after BDS:-

    There are quite a few public sector hospitals that require professionals in the field of BDS. A stable career as well as good salary is ensured for them in the field of dentistry. A few dentistry related professionals include:

    ==>>Dental Assistant
    ==>>Dental Hygienist
    ==>>Dental Lab Technician / Ceramist
    ==>>Dental Surgeon
    ==>>Medical Representative / Sales Representative
    ==>>Oral Pathologist
    ==>>Private Practitioners
    ==>>Public Health Specialists

    for these job you should regularly visit various job portals

    and www.employmentnews.gov.in

    All the best..!!!

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