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    How can i earn from this site?

    i don't know hoe can i earn from this site...

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    Re: How can i earn from this site?

    Hello Dear,
    Earn and Learn Program through this forum GovernmentJobsAlerts.com helps people who wants to know about Public Sector Jobs and various queries related to such jobs.Here Registered Members helps them by answering the queries and earn money.

    One can earn money on this forum/site by following below mentioned steps.
    1)Register on this site by creating User Id and Password of your choice.
    2)Check Government Job Questions.
    3)Try answering a question by posting helpful answer.
    4)You will get 5 points/post and points/post may increase or decrease based on the quality of answers you posted.
    5)After posting your total points/session will increase and based on your rank at the end of the session,you will get money in terms of Cheque through speed post on next month of the session after 15th. There will be 2 sessions per month.

    Top 20 members will get money from Rs 100 to Rs 1000/- and other members having rank upto 100 will get Rs 100/- but they will get money only after achieving rank of 20 in next sessions.

    Hope the information helps you.
    Best of Luck

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    Re: How can i earn from this site?


    Register your self and start answering the questions. You can earn for every 15 days of the month depending upon the points you earn. The amount varies according to your rank. So start earning!!

    All the Best.

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