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    How to clear competitive exams?

    i know about the pattern to clear the competitive exam if you have any tips about this so pls tell me as soon as possible

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    Re: How to clear competitive exams?

    Dear Aspirant,

    Competitive exams main aim to select the candidate with great aptitude and attitude power,to solve the any problem with in time with a great accuracy.

    If you want to clear these exam,You have to follow following tips,Those are as follows

    Valuable Tips for you
    • Maximum candidates can't manage the time,If you want to clear the exam you should maintain time and minimize the time for each section that is you should solve the every bit with in seconds.
    • One of the technique to improve your fastness to solve the questions is Practice
    • Practice can increase solving power with in time.
    • Practice makes mans perfect,You should do more practice and get success in exam.
    • For General Awareness section,You should revision every topic 2 Times with in a month.
    • You should solve the questions with time for every section,you should divide the sections.
    • You should solve more papers at the last two weeks before of the exam.
    • after that you should check the key.
    • In Examination hall you should not be tensed
    • You should maintain great concentration towards work
    • Before day of exam,You should sleep 10Pm and wake up early in the morning and do the daily habits and take the breakfast and attend the exam
    • Concentration can increase the solving power,you should maintain great concentration towards exam

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    Re: How to clear competitive exams?

    Tips to Get Success in your Competitive Exam:
    1)Determination to get success in that success and to work for that
    2)Selection of Quality Materials and Coaching Centres
    :You should select High Quality material to get High marks in the exams,Studying the low grade Books wont help you to get high mark.
    3)Time Management:Time Management is the Key factor to get success,Dont study the a subject for more than 45 minutes It will be getting bored so,Switch your subjects to avoid the boring.
    4)On the time of exam You shoul keep you Cool so you can get good marks,Dont get nervous ever,
    Happy Preparing

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    Re: How to clear competitive exams?

    My dear friend
    The name it self COMPETITIVE .SO here there is a lot of Competition between you and others.So in this competition get job is not an easy.So here you should have special Qualification and need more efforts than others.So put your efforts as much as you have.So here you can download the all previous model papers of what your going to write exam and make a practice all paperly sincerly .Here the results depend upon your efforts only.So basically there is two process.1.written exam,2.Personal Interview.So prepare for Written test carefully
    All the best

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    Re: How to clear competitive exams?

    Dear Candidate
    Now a days there is a lot of competition is there between Candidates..So in this competition should have to grow very tuff.So this Situation You need some Trips how to Get Success this Situation
    Tricks To Get Success
    The following are the Important tricks to get Success.
    1.Planning: Planning Is the most Important for all.So Before write an exam should plan the how to study and how effectively use time.These all are things to be consider
    2.Make a Practice of all previous papers.Because without practice previous papers you may be confusion in the examination.So by practice you will get confidence about the exam
    3.Try To concentrate on Studies more
    4.For General Knowledge Questions purpose you should read daily News paper and it will helps to improve Current Affairs Knowledge.
    5.Observe the Out side of the state and Country what is going to happened these are very important
    6.Do not tension in the examination hall until exit from Examination hall.
    7.Be confident all about you should prepare
    8.Try touch All Question and try to complete Exam in time
    These are all the Good Tricks
    Please follow these steps and Get Succes
    Good Luck

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    Re: How to clear competitive exams?

    Dear Candidate
    Very Good Question
    Now a Days there is a lot of Competition between jobs
    This Situation need very High Practice to compare with others
    So Please follow the following points how to crack the Competitive Exam
    How to crack the competitive Exam
    First appall need to understand the Situation
    Use time Properly
    And see how many candidates are applied to exam
    Buy good books for start preparation
    Prepare high by putting efforts
    Practice all Previous model papers
    All The best

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    Re: How to clear competitive exams?

    hi friend,
    the competition is increasing day by day
    you have to work a lot to crack the exams.
    you have to follow some to stratagies to be among the success list.
    1.maintain timetable
    2.have a timings for every thing
    3.read newspaper regularly
    4.read magazines to know the current affairs.
    5.think once before you take a decision
    6.keep a dictionary with you may be electronic or a book.
    7.read success stories and interviews.
    all the best

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