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    How to complete third year B.Com being in job?

    my name harshil shah

    i have pass 12th in 2006 aftre start college but f.y.bcom i fail than i 2 year job after than again start f.y.bcom and ATKT after i contiuns job now i have think t.y.bcom compelet ?

    How this possible ?
    which university? College?

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    Re: How to complete third year B.Com being in job?

    Hi Guest,

    There are lots of colleges in India which offer study even if they are in job.

    So donít get worried about your degree as you can apply for any of the colleges and later can complete the course and have a graduate degree.

    You donít worry about the type of college going to be offered because the one which gives the opportunity is best one so aim for that.

    Thank you,

    All the best.

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    Re: How to complete third year B.Com being in job?

    Hi Shah,,, Dont worry,, you have lot of options to do a degree,, if u r in job,,,why can apply in distance education, correspondence course,, u can study in your home itself,, So be in your job and apply for distance education and have degree,, all the best.

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    Re: How to complete third year B.Com being in job?

    I'm a t.y.b.com student. I am a scholar. I want 2 go for MBA after my graduation. But due to financial problem can not head towards my willingness. I want 2 go for any course that can provide me job... I am also preparing for competitive exams for banking, tax etc.

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