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    How to create concentration in Exam hall?

    How to create concentration in Exam hall?

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    Re: How to create concentration in Exam hall?

    Hello dude!

    For getting concentration in the exam hall firstly you must be afraid of the exam that is if you are worried about your performance in the exam automatically you will try to concentrate on the exam.Don't try to use watch because if you waste a single minute then some fear will develop and surely that will help you in writing the exam well.

    The day before the exam try to sleep well that is try to sleep for 7 hours and you may feel the change because the stress will also make you to divert and also prepare well.Try to sort out the things as soon as possible.

    In the exam room,Take deep breath,ignore everyone else and concentrate only on what you have to do.Read the Instructions on the exam papers carefully and know how many marks each question carries.Make sure you answer the questions asked.

    After the exam also try not to discuss what you have written in the exam because unknowingly if you make any mistakes in the exam then you will get disappointed and you can't concentrate on the next exam.

    The above mentioned are the exam tips and help you concentrating on the exam.


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    Re: How to create concentration in Exam hall?


    just concentrate on your paper.dont look here and there......first complete those section in which you are perfect.........and then do in which you have a doubt...........
    but before doing this........just read the instruction given on 1st page............

    all the best and give your best....

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    Re: How to create concentration in Exam hall?

    Hi Friend,

    Concentrate in Test hall is very easy.First of All you should not fear about the exam,You should not afraid of what will come in Question Paper and How you are going to write,Just Be relaxed,Because the afraid makes you to tremble So you cant give your best with your exams,

    First of All Study the topics thoroughly,If you take one topic Just finish the topic and then Go for another topic,And Study by making Some plans like Time tables etc.Anyway You must sleeds atleast 8 hours on the day before the exam and take healthy foods.
    If you have studies the topics thoroughly You will get your confidence high,Even though You have not studied well,You should not think about What you left and Think about What you studied So You will have Peace mind,
    If you stay calm and Cool in the Exam hall that is the great success,If you afraid there is a danger of forgotting the studied topics,If you stay cool as Cucumber then Even the forgotten portions will come to know.

    Planning and Execution will give you Success.

    Best of Luck.

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    Re: How to create concentration in Exam hall?

    Concentration in the exam hall is a major issue for most of the applicants.

    The best practice is to stay calm and focused. Even if the questions are tough, you must stay chill.

    You must try to attempt the easy ones first and then the tough ones. Just try to study the questions rationally.

    If you attempt the questions rationally, you can develop your concentration and shall enjoy the exam even more.

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    Re: How to create concentration in Exam hall?


    1. Try to be not tired before Exam day.
    2. Don't try to study anything more at the fag end.
    3. Just revise what you have studied so far.
    4. Don't be nervous in the exam hall
    5. Try to release the tension with each breath you exhale
    6. Try to foccuss on exam paper only

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