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    How to get good job being in 3rd year of Engineering with 4 arrears? How to study engineering subjects to get passed?

    sir,i am studying engineering in coimbatore,i am a tamil medium student and i dnt have much english knowledge,i am a software engineering student,i dont know about the course which i am studying.i am a biomaths student at my 12th standard.nw i am going to study 3rd year from july 1st..nw my result was 60% and i have 4 arrears..how can i grow up my level best....can you tell about the computer field jobs..how to get good job,and how to study engineering subjects..please help me

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    Re: How to get good job being in 3rd year of Engineering with 4 arrears? How to study engineering subjects to get passed?

    Government Jobs after BBA
    Bachelor of Business Administration
    is a under graduate degree which
    includes the study of business
    management and related fields. The
    career opportunities for these
    graduates are numerous. They can
    find employment in both Central and
    State government departments. For
    this recruitment, the government
    organizes various examinations.
    There is direct recruitment also in
    public sectors and for this they need
    not have to attend the tests. The
    graduates can perform in many roles
    in public sector departments such as
    educational institutions, industrial
    houses, banks and so on.
    Jobs in Government Sector
    The BBA graduates can find many
    job opportunities in government
    sector. For this they have to take
    part in the various tests carried out
    by UPSC, public sector banks, PSC,
    SSC. There are opportunities even in
    defense sectors also. The candidates
    who have cleared these tests will be
    called for a final interview and the
    talented people will be filtered out
    from a large number.
    Public Entities Recruiting BBA
    Some of the public sector
    organizations which recruits BBA
    graduates are
    Delhi State Cancer Institute
    Jan Shikshan Sansthan
    Tuberculosis Association of India
    Indian Space Research Organization
    Gujarat Livelihood Promotion
    Company Limited
    State Health Society
    Public Sector Banking Jobs after
    There are numerous job
    opportunities for these graduates in
    public sector banks also. Various
    banks are calling graduates for the
    posts of clerks and POs. The
    recruitment process is done by
    organizing entrance tests and
    interview. Most of the banks require
    a minimum qualification of
    graduation for various posts.
    Jobs in Indian Railways after BBA
    Indian RRB also recruits BBA
    graduates for different posts. This
    central government job is a
    respectable job among the society.
    They can perform in various roles
    such as Assistant manager, deputy
    general manager and so on.
    How to prepare for all these
    For the preparation of various
    government examinations the
    candidates must go through a
    systematic timetable. The syllabus
    should be divided in such a way that
    it is easy to cover all those in the
    specific time. The candidates should
    have strong bases on the
    fundamental subjects. More time
    should be allotted for the areas
    which are difficult to understand.
    Preparation of small notes while
    studying will be more useful. They
    should also collect as much as
    previous question papers and solve
    them all. Proper time management
    is an important factor in these

    After completion of BCA the best way
    to go for MCA. MCA(Master in
    Computer Application) is two years
    duration course. You can take
    admission in MCA in a institution
    which is under a very good
    university. MCA is generally
    considered as equivalent to B.E/
    B.Tech computer science. For most of
    the post for which B.Tech/B.E
    computer passed students are
    eligible, MCA candidates are eligible
    for that post also. Some company
    recruit B.Tech/B.E candidates and
    MCA candidates in same position
    with same grade. This is the best
    course for which you can go after
    completion of your BCA.
    After BCA you may also go for job.
    There are so many companies those
    recruit candidates those are BCA
    passed. But it is always better to
    join in job after your master degree.
    Because after master degree if you
    join in job you will get more good
    scope and opportunity to develop. So
    better is first complete your MCA
    then join in job.
    After BCA you may also go for MBA
    study. MBA is totally management
    study. After completion of BCA if you
    feel that you are not liking computer
    subject anymore and you want to
    study something different that
    computer then you may choose MBA.
    In MBA your management skill is
    developed. To take admission appear
    in MBA entrance examination like
    CAT, MAT etc. If you can complete
    your MBA from a very good
    institution then easily you will get
    very good job from your institution
    campus with very good salary. MBA
    is a very good course after
    graduation. Students who have
    completed graduation from any
    stream are eligible to appear in MBA
    entrance examination and also may
    take admission in MBA.
    Best wishes.

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    Re: How to get good job being in 3rd year of Engineering with 4 arrears? How to study engineering subjects to get passed?

    There are several exams available to
    get job in tamilnadu government
    2.GROUP II
    group I for IAS,IPS and upto 27
    1.entrance exam
    2.written exam
    3.interview exam
    these are the main exams
    AND also several exams are available
    to join government exams like
    banking sector..
    All The Best

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    Re: How to get good job being in 3rd year of Engineering with 4 arrears? How to study engineering subjects to get passed?

    Dear friend,
    you need not worry about your backlogs. you can easily the subjects by learning the notes given by your teachers.

    You can also learn through many websites, if you cannot understand,what your professor is saying.The following are the websites

    And the one thing is, you should clearly understood the concepts to get pass and to get a job.

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    Re: How to get good job being in 3rd year of Engineering with 4 arrears? How to study engineering subjects to get passed?

    There are number of scopes available either it can be in software or for hardware. It depends on the field which is opted.You can definitely can get a good job based on programming as while with studies if programming skills are developed you can get earning opportunity while your studying. Have the basic criteria to study engineering subjects and score is needed if you want a really good job.

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    Re: How to get good job being in 3rd year of Engineering with 4 arrears? How to study engineering subjects to get passed?

    As you are in your third year of engineering you still have chances to complete your arrears. Many of the IT firms are making strict policies not taking the persons who have arrears by the completion of their graduation.Even if you have arrears at the time of placement process though you have required %, the firms are not allowing to sit for the placements. So make sure that you finish off your arrears by the end of your graduation.
    And passing exams in graduation is not very tough. Even if you attend classes regularly or study well at least 1 month before exams can fetch you pass marks though not a good %. If you just want pass marks focus on important topics by referring to the previous papers.

    Hope this info would help you. All the Best

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    Re: How to get good job being in 3rd year of Engineering with 4 arrears? How to study engineering subjects to get passed?

    Hello dude!

    Being a candidate of third year and that too a software engineering related candidate I suggest you to work very hard and clear your backlogs as soon as possible because in final year you must face campus interviews where you will have an opportunity to attend interviews of many software companies. But if you have backlogs then no company is in a position to entertain you because there are numerous talented people. The details are described below:

    Campus interviews provide a good opportunity to the staudents who are studying final year.If they get selected in these interviews then they get the chance of getting settled immediately after completing studies.Some of the top Companies that mostly visit colleges for interviews are listed below:
    SYNTEL etc.

    The details are:
    • A Software Engineer is a highly skilled job and requires expert knowledge in Computer programming and Software development.
    • The ability to develop and interpret technical plans.
    • A creative approach to problem solving.
    • An excellent understanding of Computer Aided Software Engineering tools.
    • Excellent Communication Skillis(both written and verbal).
    • A good understanding of customer care.
    • Excellent Interpersonal skills.
    • Good team working abilities.
    • The ability to explain complicated process in non technical language.
    • The ability to concentrate for long periods of time.
    The selection process for all the companies is almost same.Basically there are two types,one is campus recruitment mode and the other direct application.The selection process of the campus recruitment mode is as follows.It consists of three rounds.Every round is a knock out round and if you get selected in all the rounds then you will be given an offer letter.They are:
    1.Written test.
    2.Technical Interview.
    3.HR Interview.
    If it's a direct application mode then there will be an interview only.

    First you must learn about the company and the services they provide.In addition to this you must know about yourself.So make it a point to explain yourself because with such simple questions,the interviewer assesses your language fluency and presentation style,your family background,your goal,aim and vision.

    Basically you must have good knowledge in the computer languages like C,C++,JAVA,ORACLE,.NET,PHP and scripting languages like Javascript,VBscript,J2EE,J2SE etc.If you can have the programming knowlege then it will be easy for you to clear the rounds.In addition to subject knowledge you must also have the ability to solve the questions related to Aptitude,Reasoning.

    Communication skills are among the intangible skill sets most valued by the employers.The ability to communicate effectively,especially during oral presentations can boost your marketability and viability to work in various career.To develop good skills,you need to consider both the verbal and non verbal factors,they are Body language,Vocal tone,Awareness etc.So they play a key role in the interviews.

    The above mentioned are the various details of the software companies.


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    Re: How to get good job being in 3rd year of Engineering with 4 arrears? How to study engineering subjects to get passed?

    hi..i am rilwan.im studying computer engineering 3rd year...i have intrested in software engineering and also im having intrest on web designing......i like to become a programmer....and also im having a lot lot intrest on ethical hacking....my question is
    1.can i play the role in web designing,programming and hacking at the same time????
    2.if it possible means wht i should do??? what are the qualifications do i need?????
    3.if it not possible means in the 3 fields which one is better i choose????
    4.which field is get the job easily and get the good salaries...........
    PLZ reply my dear friends.....im waiting for ur reply.......
    my mail id:alimohamedrilwan@gmail.com

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