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    How to get job after completing food Technology?

    I am fresher student of food tech and searching a job . How to get me job

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    Re: How to get job after completing food Technology?

    after completing that you can apply in Railway its better options for you can work at as a Food inspector. and also apply in Health Inspector... also work in Food Nutrition. so i think its good for you.
    Thank You

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    Re: How to get job after completing food Technology?


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    Re: How to get job after completing food Technology?

    Dear Guest, Here i am giving you the career prospectus details of Food Technology.

    >>Bachelor of Technology in Food Technology Employment Area:
    *. Quality assurance
    *. Technical sales
    *. Production management
    *. Process and product development
    *. Research and development
    *. Food Microbiologist
    *. Food Standards Officer
    *. Food Technologist

    >>Bachelor of Technology in Food Technology Job Types:
    *. Food Scientist
    *. Process Engineer
    *. Project Manager
    *. Research and Design Engineer
    *. Research Technician
    *. Food Technologist/Food Technology Consultant or Researcher in food companies
    *. Research Institutes
    *. Food Establishments
    *. Production Manager
    *. Product Development Specialist
    *. Food Quality Assurance
    *. Sensory Specialist
    *. Food Sales Representative
    *. Food Application Specialist
    *. Food Consultant
    *. Food Researchers in Government
    *. Private and Academic Institution
    *. Food-Based Entrepreneur

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