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    How to get job easily after completing 4th year?

    i am studying in 1st year. after complete the 4th year how to get the job easyly?

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    Re: How to get job easily after completing 4th year?

    Hi Friend,
    You can.you will get job.
    You have so much time so use those times and improve your knowledege.
    Complete your degree with good percentage above 60% and without backlogs.
    because most of the company will expect above 60%.
    you should good with comunication skill,technical skill and apptitude solving skill.
    For communication skill read news paper and speak in english with your friends.
    technical skills like JAVA,.NET,Mainframe,C,C++,Network,Embedded etc
    Apptitude solving talent is very important because written test is first step in interview.
    So improve all your knowledege before attening interview.
    you have time get every topic in apptitude and improve it.
    you will get good job with good salary.
    All the best

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    Re: How to get job easily after completing 4th year?

    Yes friend In public sector the GATE
    qualifiers have been giving priority ....
    To getting job in Public sector it's
    necessary that the candidate should
    have appeared in any civil service
    exam so if the candidate is a qualifier
    of GATE ranker than it was good ... On
    the basis of GATE rank the candidate
    going for the both sectors Private as
    well as public sector.....To apply for
    the GATE exam the candidate must
    have completed his B.Tech/BE with
    any of stream and after appeared in
    GATE examination with good scoring
    marks the candidate apply for the
    MNC and top level
    companies ....Thank you

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    Re: How to get job easily after completing 4th year?

    To get a good job from campus placements you shnuld have to maintain good percentage.
    Make your resume powerfull by adding your best to it.
    Improve your communication skills to perform great in personal interview.


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    Re: How to get job easily after completing 4th year?

    Hi Guest,

    As you are 1st year now you have lots of time in front of you to think about job.

    It is good to hear that you are eager in finding a job.

    A student is given opportunity to go for written exam if he or she has a good percentage in their academics.

    The average percentage asked b the companies are 65%.

    If you have 65% and more throughout your academics then you are almost into the written exam.

    So first aim for that.

    Also you need to be good in technical field as there is going to be a technical round in the job selection.

    If you are good in technical field then you can clear the technical round also.

    Later in interview you are asked many questions and for this you need to be good in speaking as they test your communication skills.

    So aim at your communication skills.

    At last you must be good at all these things.

    If you are good in written exam, technical and have good communication skills then you can easily get any kind of job.

    Aim for improving all these things when you come to final year.

    Thank you,

    All the best.

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    Re: How to get job easily after completing 4th year?

    friend you can get the job after the final year first after final year you have the various kinds of the jobs like private companies and also in government organisation

    >>You can first try in the government sector jobs this jobs are good jobs after your graduation you can get the jobs in the various types of government departments

    >>For the government job also you have to clear the entrance exam conducted by central government department for this you have first complete your graduation

    >>you can also get the government jobs in the state government various types of the job like
    -marketing manager
    -senior manager
    -junior manager
    -asst. manager

    >>you can also find the jobs in the banks also as
    -clerk post
    -manager post
    -projects manager

    >>you can find the jobs in the private organisation also

    thank you..

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    Re: How to get job easily after completing 4th year?

    Hai Friend,

    It is good to hear that your very eager to get a job immediately after completing your 4th year.
    There is a lot of time for you to polish your skills for getting placed in top Multi National Companies.
    • Firstly you should maintain your academics with min 60% but its better to maintain 70%. So that you will have more number of chances for attending more companies. Because each company may have their own cut off percentage.
    • In the 4th year you will be having your campus placements, by that time you should not have any backlogs.
    • Your resume should be filled in a best way, i.e your resume must contain more quality when compared to others.
    In the job selection process there are 3 important rounds:
    • First is the WRITTEN TEST. Where in this round you will have Aptitude, Logical Reasoning. For this you can prefer R.S Agarwal. you can prepare for the written test form 3rd year depending upon your learning skills. After qualifying in written test you will enter into the next round.

    • Second is the TECHNICAL Round. To qualify in this round you should prepare from the 1st year. Irrespective of stream every branch will have 'C' as the common programming language in the first year. So every student must be perfect in 'C' Language. During 2nd and 3rd years you will be having core subjects in your academics. For example if you are a Computer Science student you will have C++,JAVA,ORACLE,DB2,WEB TECHNOLOGIES and etc. So to qualify in this round you should be perfect in at least one PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE, one DATABASE, and one WEB TECHNOLOGY and you have to answer very confidently with fluent English. This is enough to get into the next round.

    • Third is the HR Round. Here in this round your Resume plays an important role. Your Resume will be the best when you give more number of presentations, seminars during the 1st, 2nd, 3rd academic years and actively participating in the events like ISTE student chapters. This increases your communication skills, leadership qualities, team work. In this round HR will ask questions regarding your family, projects, and presentations you have given in your academics. They may also ask you the above questions in Technical round also. Finally a PLEASANT SMILE and CONFIDENCE should be maintained through out the interview.
    Wish You Good Luck!

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