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    How to get setled in electronics related job in Hyderabad?

    Hello...iam Divya,i have completed my engineering in 2010 ,ece with 70%.
    I had worked in ECIL as aprentice from aug,2010 to aug,2011 as apprentice on RF module testing.
    Now am puzzled to choose ma career whether in power electronics or in embedded field.
    Though am having experince on working RF module,i came to know how to study schematics and some basics of electronics ,i really enjoyed ma job.but most of them are preferring male in RF field.At the same time i felt that iam lack of knowledge towards programming,though i know how the path goes on in this module,but i don't kno the commands on to which they are sending to run its functionality.so,in this contrast embedded may b useful to improve my knowledge.
    so,i thought to switch towards embedded such that atleast ma experince works in terms of hardware and i want to work hard towards s/w like linux such that if i don't get job in embedded field atleast i may select as system adminstrator.so,iam looing ahead for a good institue.
    since am free now ,am preparing for government jobs like ECIL and IBPS for 2months.from october am intrested to join embedded institute.so,is ma way of thinking is correct?

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    Re: how to get setled in electronics related job in Hyderabad?

    Hi Divya.
    You have done a great job, it sounds good that u had some experience in electronic field. Your way of thinking is fluctuating, it is not onto a standard decision. If u are really interested in doing some thing related to embedded there is an exam being conducted. Do write that exam.

    click on the below link for details.


    I hope this will help you.

    All the best...

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    Re: How to get setled in electronics related job in Hyderabad?

    simply go on this link because before settling you have to give one written test......rest information are in this link.............


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