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    How to get work in Air Hostress?

    I am 22yrs old.I can speak Telugu, Hindi, English very fluently.I completed Bsc (ASLP) it is a proffesional course.I am working as audiologist presently.I am intreseted in working in air hostress job.so will you please tell me how to approach for this job.I am fresher to this job.

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    Re: How to get work in Air Hostress?

    Hello friend!

    It is an Interesting decision to become an Air Hostess.The job of an air Hostess is to make passengers aware of in-flight rules and regulations and make important announcement periodically to update passengers.They must try to make passengers air travel as safe and comfortable.

    Eligibility details:

    * Candidate must be at at least +12 pass out or must have done Graduation in tourism or Hotel management.

    * Candidates age must be below 25 years.

    * A valid passport.

    * Marital status: Unmarried.

    * Height: 157.5 centimeters.

    * Candidates eye sight should be normal.

    Other requirement:

    * Candidates must be in good health.

    * Should be attractive looking and also possesses pleasent personality.

    * Must have good degree of common sense along with stamina to work under physically demanding conditions.

    * Should be able to talk to Strangers comfortably and calmly even under stress.

    Candidates may have to undergo Screening test and then a written examination.Successful candidates can take part in a group discussion and interview.

    All the candidates who pass group discussions and interview are recruited as trainees and then undergo training for 2-3 months.

    So try to be perfect in the written test and communication skills are must and you need to be very fluent in English.


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    Re: How to get work in Air Hostress?

    If you want to become an air hostess then you should join the institute frankfin where they give training for air hostess. Moreover for air hostess you should have a good height of more than 1.5 meters.
    Your age must be below 25 years.
    Your communication skills should be very good for interaction with passengers.

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    Re: How to get work in Air Hostress?

    In dis year i hv completed 12th n m interested in air hostess job like ticket booking or ticket checking or flying in plane n 2 help da passenger... n i hv a gud figure n i dn't hv a gud personality n m not so much in gud looking ......but i hv a passion 4 air hostess ..n m height 152cm..
    N i dn't hv a idea of air hostess....plz hlp me

    N more imp. things is dat i tel my truth so plz hlp me

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