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    Is Indian Institute of Human rights authorized from constitutional body

    Is indian institute of human rights authorized from any constitutional body like ugc/aicte/government of india.

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    Re: Is Indian Institute of Human rights authorized from constitutional body

    Hello Dear,
    Viewing the urgent need for the establishment of a national level institution for studies,training,research,publication,conference organization and consultancy in the field of human rights and civil liberties,the Indian Institute of Human Rights was established as a constituent unit of the World Institution Building Programme(WIBP),an international charity incorporated in march 1990 as a Public Charitable Trust.
    Selected Universities in India were contacted by the functionaries and authorities of the Indian Institute of Human Rights inviting them to co-sponsor the birth of IIHR and for registering the IIHR Trust.

    Scope of 2 Years Post Graduate Diploma in Human Rights

    Participants completing PGDHR find suitable openings in following fields.
    *International organizations including United Nations and its specialized bodies like UNHCR,UNHCHR,UNFPA,UNICEF,WHO,ILO,UNIFEM,UNDCP etc.
    *Legal Aid and other Human rights Centres under the control of Central and State Governments Statutory Bodies like National and state Commissions on Women,Children,Human Rights, Labour Welfare,Minorities,SC & ST.

    PGDHR of Indian Institute of Human Rights is recognized by the various Universities at par with the Masters Degree,through Memorandum of Understanding signed between the universities and the institute making IIHR students eligible for the Ph.D Programme of these Universities in the relevant discipline.

    For more information visit its website.(http://www.rightsedu.net/index.htm)

    Hope the information helps you.
    Best of Luck

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