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    Information about Internship in good government organization?

    i need an internship in any good government organisation,or a good company in india

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    Re: Information about Internship in good government organization?

    Internships can provide skills training and other valuable learning that one does not acquire in the classroom.
    Actual work situations may be very different from what a student imagines, and an orientation to what one will actually be doing in one career, or to what kind of support or other related work will intersect with ones job, can be invaluable

    Internships and other student work opportunities are among the best-kept secrets when it comes to getting a leg up on landing a full-time job with the federal government when you graduate.
    As with any type of job, the best way to find out if the federal government is for you is to try it out. But it’s not just a chance for you to test-drive the job—the internship also gives the agency a chance to see if they want to offer you a full-time job when you graduate. In certain programs you can even get school credit while interning during the summer or during the school year.
    Take advantage of every opportunity :
    Find a mentor & get to know the staff in your office
    attend info sessions , receptions , & events
    networks as mush as possible
    pay attention to the experiences & advice from interbs in other offices

    ask for letters of reference before you leave

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