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    Information regarding Credit transfer through CMJ University Meghalaya

    hi I joined engineerin in bangalore in the year 2001 ...but cudn complete it n had to discontinue in between...n den took up a job n was workin since then...I d like to complete ma grad as its very necess for a better job n growth too... now i got to know bout this system called as credit transfer where in I can transfer the papers I ve already
    done n den complete the rest of the papers in one go ... it can be done thru CMJ university meghalaya....can anyone help me wit some info on this...is tat a gud idea to complete it tat way..?? is tat recognized n valid to complete it thru this system..?? is it accepted by pvt organizations..?? it d be great if someon cud help me wit al de info...
    pls reply me on aryan_terebin@yahoo.co.in ...thanks n regards........

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    Re: Information regarding Credit transfer through CMJ University Meghalaya

    Chandra Mohan Jha University, popularly known as CMJ University, is a private university established through a State act called as %u201CCMJ University Act, 2009%u201D in the State of Meghalaya. In a letter written by UGC to the self appointed Chancellor of the University, Shri C.M. Jha on November 10, 2010 informed that no off campus centre(s) is opened by the University outside the territorial jurisdiction of the State. In case, the University has already started any off campus outside the State, it must be closed immediately. At the same time, even in the official website of the University, www.cmjuniversity.edu.in gives wrong misleading information to the students. One announcement in the website says, %u201CThe University does not have any Off Campus/Study Centres. If anyone is claiming to be a study center of CMJ University, it is false and it should be reported to us. Suitable reward will be given%u201D. And also %u201CCMJ University conducts only Regular courses at its campuses located in Meghalaya and does not offer any correspondence or distance course%u201D.
    There have been questions in view of the above points, how CMJ University is running different study centres in different parts of the country including Manipur. They are also charging huge amount of money from the students. For example, for a PhD programme, a student has to pay around Rs 1,50000/-through their %u201Cagents%u201D (so called academic counsellors) in installments. Many students from Manipur enrolled in this University in different academic programmes including PhD Programme and as well as already awarded PhD Degrees to many students.
    Today, CMJ University has come under the scanner of Meghalaya Governor, R.S. Mooshahary, who is also the Visitor of the University. The Governor on Tuesday, April 30, 2013, directed the university that no fresh admission of students shall be undertaken by the CMJ University till the appointment of a Chancellor. Mooshahary issued a series of directions to the CMJ University and asked them to submit a fresh proposal for the appointment of a Chancellor and withdraw all the degrees awarded so far.
    Taking strong note of the drawbacks of the University, the Governor has asked the University to submit a compliance report within May 21, 2013. In the directive issued to the Chairman of the CMJ Foundation, Chandra Mohan Jha, the Governor was of the view that the Chancellor appointed by the University does not have the approval of the Visitor, which is illegal and is in violation of the CMJ University Act, 2009.
    According to letter of the Governor, the CMJ University has so far enrolled as many as 2734 students in 2012-2013, 469 in 2011-2012 and 176 in 2010-2011 in various courses. The Governor directed the University to recall and withdraw all the degrees awarded so far and publish this fact in national and local dailies at their own cost. He also pointed out that the University has awarded Ph.D degrees to 434 students during 2012-2013 and has enrolled 490 students for the Ph.D programme during 2012-2013 with only 10 teachers with Ph.D qualification. These enrolments and award of Ph.D degrees are in contravention of the UGC (Minimum Standards and Procedure for Awards of M.Phil/Ph.D degree) Regulation, 2009. The CMJ University has also been directed to frame rules and procedures for admission into the M.Phil and Ph.D degree programmes, allocation of supervisor, course work, evaluation, assessment and other related matters in accordance with the UGC Regulation.
    The Governor%u2019s Secretariat has filed an FIR against the CMJ University for the alleged fraud in awarding fake degrees and admissions. Armed with a court order, CID sleuths have also sealed the CMJ University at Laitumkhrah, Shillong on Thursday night. CID has started investigation into the affairs of the CMJ University after the Governor%u2019s Secretariat filed a case against the University. Experts from the forensic department also assisted the CID. The State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has been assigned the task of investigating into the alleged fraud committed by the CMJ University by awarding fake degrees to scores of students.
    Sir, I am writing this letter to you for publication in your esteemed Newspaper for the general public, particularly for the student community.
    Thanking you.
    Author / Written by:Dr. N. Susaant

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