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    Interview related problem regarding nomination of referee

    Hi Friends,
    I worked in software company for 4 Years, then joined in some company and worked there for 5 months because of working time is not suitable for me i leave that job and joined in big IT concern just for 4 months worked there , because of some personal issue i leave that job. But i am having 5 Years of experience in software field.

    Now i am in gap for 1.5 Years in carrier . Now i again selected in one company and completed all technical related interviews and i selected in that company. But HR is asking for Referee.
    I also gave two referee, the referee wont give too much reference to me because of working only 4 months in my last company. In this scenario what to do? In my first company i am having some issues, i think they wont give reference.

    Kindly suggest me how to overcome this issue. What to do?. How do i get good job ? How to tackle this situation???


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