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    Job after completion of diploma in IT branch?

    As I am a gud student i'll make u proud of me jst give me a chance to reveal my potential

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    Re: Job after completion of diploma in IT branch?

    Hey aspirant,
    Nice to get an interesting question from your side
    First of all let me tell you that an IT professional always has a demand always irrespective of the industry
    this is mainly because of the fact that, almost all the industries work on computers and software and data transfer , data sharing and what not
    In industries where everything is run using computers, IT professionals and technicians are in huge demand
    Your role may range rote from coding testing Debuggin Maintainance and backup, Database management , Backup recovery to Network administration etc
    The scope is very large.
    so you need no really worry about finding a job

    Here, i have discussed the various areas and avenues where you can find a suitable job

    AREAS OF EMPLOYMENT/WORK (i.e in areas where you have suitable job opportunities) & the respective post/position that you might be placed) are:
    1)Entrepreneur (Business person)
    Deals with starting ones own venture in their respective field , in your case it can be an IT firm
    POST/AREAS OF WORK: Proprietor , founder , Managing Dierector, Owner, Etc
    2)Industrial Corporation Assistants
    This job involves maintaining and running the IT services of any particular industry your looking for
    Work would maily be maintaining huge databases , Network administration etc
    POST/AREA OF WORK:Programmer,Computer Software Engineers,Database Administrator Network Administrator
    3)Financial Corporation(Banks etc)
    As you know , Banks handle huge transactions ,maintain large databases and maintain records of every transaction is mediated through computer programs , so banks provide huge opportunities for Diploma holders like you

    POST/AREA OF WORK:Banks Assist. Programmer,Computer Software Engineer, Database Administrator ,Project Manager, Network Administrator
    4)Internet service provider
    POST/ARE OF WORK: Network Technician, Customer support Engineer, Web application developer Network Administrator
    5)Software development firm (private)
    With the increase in the number of Software companies and MNCs , the demand for candidates with IT background has increased
    POST/AREA OF WORK:software Testing (Software tester),Trainee,Customer Support Programmer, Network Administrator Database Administrator Web Application developer
    6)Hardware(or)Service sector
    This is more or less applicable to all the industries in general
    POST/AREA OF WORK:Customer support Engineer, Supervisor
    7)Hardware Support Firm s
    POST/AREA OF WORK:Hardware maintenance Engineer , programmer
    8)Electronics & Telecomm Industry
    Many telecom industry have openings for candidates like you
    POST/AREA OF WORK :Trainee Engineers , programmer

    JOB FUNCTIONS (i.e the role that you get to play and the various works you might be requires to perform)
    Project Management and project planning
    Planning , estimation, procure and install hardware and software systems in the firm.
    Analyse and design systems
    Administer and manage networks
    2)Database Administrator
    Identify database requirement planning, designing.
    Implementing database design.
    Maintaining database server.
    Backup recovery.
    3)Programmer & system analyst
    Study the design of complete system
    Choose, write appropriate algorithm to solve the problem
    Implement the design using various design
    tools,programs , Language,Application Software

    these are just few of the opportunities to my knowledge..
    you can very well find lot of other jobs matching your taste and choice
    But i hope this piece of information has helped you a bit
    All the best.. Prepare hard..
    Wish you success
    Thank you

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    Re: Job after completion of diploma in IT branch?

    after completion of diploma in IT there are so many jobs offered by different IT company. Sometime company goes to the college and take students from on campus. Otherwise they recruit through off campus and advertisement or through referral program.If your brother studying in a reputed institution then there will be campusing in the institution and your brother will get job if he has good potential to get a job. Otherwise he have to try from outside.

    Company like TCS, CTS, Infosys etc recruit diploma in IT and computer science students every year. Your brother should register for different company job with his CV. To register for job in a company go to the official career of website of that particular organization. There he will get the link to register for job. Some company give one email id and candidates are requested to send their Resume to that email ID. When job opening will be their and suitable for that candidates then they will send mail to the candidates those are eligible. Then candidates have to go for the test and interview after checking all the details about the job and eligibility criterion.

    After completion of diploma there are so many government job also. In different time of the year government organization publish notification for job for diploma in engineering students. Your brother may follow any job related website or newspaper to get details about government job and may apply for the same.

    It's better if your brother can go for B.Tech after completion of diploma in engineering. After completion of B.Tech job opportunity and scope is very high that after completion of diploma only. Your brother may take admission in directly second year of B.Tech by appear in lateral entry entrance examination. There are so many good opportunities and way after completion of B.Tech. I will suggest he should try for B.Tech first. If he can complete B.Tech from a government institution then that will be very good for him. If he fails to get admission in B.Tech then he may try for job with diploma in IT degree. Now your brother should decide what he wants to do as per his performance and interest.

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