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    Job after M.Sc in biotechnology? In which filed can i get job and approximate salary details?

    respected sir..

    with due regards i want to inform you that i am pursuing my m.sc biotechnology and i want to do job after this so plzz let me know the fields in which i can get job and the approximate salary i cud get

    thanking you
    kavita singh

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    Re: Job after M.Sc in biotechnology? In which filed can i get job and approximate salary details?

    Following are some options where you can apply

    Chemical laboratories,

    Agricultural Industries

    Pharmaceutical companies,
    processing industries

    Agro Based Industries

    Mithros Chemicals

    EPR Pharmaceuticals Ltd

    Medical Representative

    Technical positions will be suitable for biotechnology post graduates like research analyst, bio informist, scientists etc. You can also try for jobs in food processing industries.

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    Re: Job after M.Sc in biotechnology? In which filed can i get job and approximate salary details?

    Dear Student,

    Apart from biotechnology industry, a

    biotechnologist finds his or her place in

    fields like horticulture, agriculture,

    food, dairy farming and pharmaceutical

    industry. The field of biotechnology is

    one of the fastest growing fields; given

    its involvement in most of the other

    fields, professionals in biotechnology are

    quite in demand. As the nature of work of

    biotechnologists is interdisciplinary they

    have to work closely with other science,

    engineering and related fields.

    Biotechnologists are involved in

    production as well as marketing and


    The use and application of biotechnology

    works on producing better results like

    hybrid products, new varieties of seeds,

    insecticides and fertilizers, improving

    livestocks breeds, producing new and

    better medicines and vaccines, improvising

    energy production, developing industrial

    enzymes that hasten the production

    processes. Environmental biotechnology

    helps in pollution control and waste


    India has witnessed noteworthy progress in

    the field of biotechnology; now it’s

    considered one of the best destinations

    for biotechnology industry because of the

    availability of state-of-art resources and

    facilities to carry on newer practices.

    India has rich biodiversity and

    agriculture, a large base of industries

    and world class research laboratories. To

    name a few, India boasts of having

    biotechnology firms like Biocon India Ltd,

    India Vaccines Corporation, IDPL, National

    Botanical Institute, Hindustan Lever Ltd,

    Thapar Group, Tata Engineering Research

    Institute and National Chemical


    There are various career options in Master

    of Science (M.Sc) in Microbiology. You can

    work as –

    • Quality Control
    • Microbiology
    • Microbiologist
    • Research Officer Microbiology
    • Demonstrator Lab Technician
    • Chief Hygienist- Microbiology
    • Assistance Professor- Microbiology
    • Executive/Sr. Executive-Microbiology
    • Research Scientist
    • Research Associate
    • Quality Control Officer
    • Marketing Manager
    • Bio-Informist
    • Environmental of Safety Specialist
    • Lab Technician
    • Medical Representative
    • Business Development Manager

    Future Prospects
    A full fledged career in biotechnology

    offers opportunities in production,

    research, and marketing in the fields like

    environment, energy and conservation,

    agriculture and horticulture, medicine and

    healthcare, animal husbandry and dairy

    farming. Research oriented aspirants have

    a good scope in research laboratories and

    as professors and research assistants.

    There are opportunities with government

    and corporate run research and development

    organisations. You could hold designations

    like lecturer, marketing manager, quality

    control officer or manager, bioinformists,

    environmental specialist etc.

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