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    Job for MCA holder

    i want to do mca

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    Re: Job for MCA holder

    Dear friend MCA is a very good post graduation course and after the successful completion of this course there are numerous opportunities waiting for the graduates in the same. Some the areas where you can apply for the MCA qualification basis are:

    Developing network model
    Software Development
    Consultancy and Computer Education
    Web Designing
    System Development
    Finance sector
    Management sector
    Designing Customized Software
    or etc...

    Private Sector Jobs after MCA:

    Most of the MCA graduates are going into the private sector either by the Campus placement or by recruitment drives. The topmost companies are offering attractive salary for the professionals in this field. The average salary of a fresher in this field can rages from Rs.2.5-3.5lakhs. The companies are like:
    Tata Consultancy Service
    CTS, Infosys, Accenture
    and IBM
    Offer attractive pay package for the MCA professional. The salary can vary according to the profile of each candidate.

    Government Sector Jobs after MCA:

    The public sector also attracts many MCA holders. To work with the Government sector the candidates need to take the entrance exam conducted by the respective body. Some of the Government firms looking for the MCA candidates are Gas Authority of India Ltd., Hindustan Petroleum Ltd, Indian Oil Corporation, NHPC, NTPC etc.

    Job Prospects Abroad after MCA:

    The major international job recruiters for the MCA candidates can be
    or etc.

    There is a huge demand for the postgraduates in computer application in the Gulf and European countries also ... So you can also apply for the job in Gulf countries....

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