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    Job opportunities for M.Pharmacy students?

    hi sr thiz iz nikila i cmplted my bpharm due to sme prblms i cant do my mpharm i need to do job but everybody r asking references but i dnt have anybody to refer me icant understand wat to do plzzzzzzzzz gve me a solution to overcome thiz problem.

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    Re: Job opportunities for M.Pharmacy students?


    You can try for the following Government Jobs:

    1. Pest Control Division of Agriculture
    2. Department of National Defense
    3. Food Corporation of India
    4. Govt. Hospitals
    5. Nursing Homes

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    Re: Job opportunities for M.Pharmacy students?

    what is the future of pharmacy completed students

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    Re: Job opportunities for M.Pharmacy students?

    You can choose from various options for a career after M-Pharmacy. The options can be in the following fields or departments;
    Pharmacist, Teaching, Quality Assurance Health Manager, Medical Transcription, Analytical Chemist of Quality Control Manager , Data Manager, Regulatory Manager and Career in Regulatory bodies, Sales and Marketing, Clinical Research etc. For each options there are several posts in big and small firms. Generally you can expect a salary between Rs.15000 to Rs.50000. Please note that the salary depends upon several factors like the job profile and the company size, skill and knowledge, etc. As a M.Pharmacist you can expect to get good salary.

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