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    Job for IT student in Automobile industries?

    Respective sir
    i am continuing my b.tech career in i.t branch.but my interest to do job in automobile line.Basically i am interested in designing line.

    so i want to know is there any job present which is suitable for i.t student.. sir pl z guide me.

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    Re: Job for IT student in Automobile industries?

    Hi Guest,

    As you are a student from IT field, you have good probability of getting job in IT field.

    It is a tough job for you to find a job in automobile, only interest in automobile does not fetch you anything to get into automobile.

    Only few chances are there for students like you where they check all your abilities such that you are eligible for the job.

    If you are really interested to go for a job in automobile, then prepare a course on that and do ill the needs what are all necessary for a candidate to get into automobile field.

    As you can see that the subjects whom they teach for the IT students and automobile students are completely different and you need to know about all the things in order to get preference for you.

    Prepare well for the interview if you get a chance for automobile and give your best.

    You are actually eligible for jobs in companies like:


    And many other IT companies..

    Thank You,

    All the Best.

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