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    Jobs after 3 years in B.Tech?

    hello i am doing my btech 3-1 ece and i want know how can it get a good job in a good multonational companies like wipro and satyam and i have scored like 60-68%till now and also how can i gohead for my future.Is it really happens how can one get a job in btech 3year it self and the college in which i am stduing doesnot have campus selctions... and even i am very much intrested in further higher sdtuies to earn a good job can u plz suggest me.

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    Re: Jobs after 3 years in B.Tech?

    which job is good for the ece students

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    Re: Jobs after 3 years in B.Tech?

    hello friend,

    First you must have to completed your engineering degree with good marks .In the Final year you can apply for the job posts in many government and private companies..

    >> After the 3rd year you can give the GATE entrance exam . through the GATE entrance exam you can apply for the job posts in four PSU's companies like:
    Power Grid etc

    these companies in which you have to apply on the based of the GATE entrance exam registration number on the respective dates issues by the companies.
    After the qualify the GATE entrance exam you have to call for the interview.
    and on the based of the your performance in 75% of the GATE score and 25% of the interview you can get the job post

    2. BSNL department as a JTO Telecom job post through the JTO entrance exam

    3.Railways jobs in technical department through the RRB entrance exam

    4.CDS entrance exam for the job in Defense service in Indian army, indian navy, AIroforce etc

    so you can apply for these job posts but for these jobs you have to do it more hardwork .

    In the private companies in which you can apply:

    LG etc...

    thank you!

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    Re: Jobs after 3 years in B.Tech?

    you are going to admission in iesmadeeasy coaching institute .you will be find and got better govt job

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    Re: Jobs after 3 years in B.Tech?

    who is best.. poornima college or techno india njr college?? n why??

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    Re: Jobs after 3 years in B.Tech?


    As you have moved into 3rd year of B.Tech, so itís really correct time to plan your career. For ECE branch, there are various job options
    in departments of got sector as well as in Private companies.

    Based on your query in which you have said that you are interested to work in MNCs like Wipro, then there are many more companies
    which you can look for. Some of these companies are:
    - Infosys
    - TCS
    - CTS
    - Wipro
    - Accenture
    - IBM
    - Birla Soft
    For getting eligible for recruitment in these companies you must have above 65% in B.Tech. Although few companies ask for 55% or 60% marks,
    but it is always better to have more marks so that you can be eligible for maximum companies.
    IT job examination Pattern: Regarding your preparation strategy, you need to be have good concepts of any language like C, C++, C#. You should also be familiar
    with examination pattern which is followed .
    IT companies take examination which consists of following sections:
    - Technical Round(Programming Based questions)
    - Aptitude+Reasoning( Written exam to check your reasoning)
    - HR Round(To check your communication skills)

    For technical round, you need to be good in any of the programming languages like C, C++ or C#. You can improve either by self-study or by joining
    Computer courses like Java or Oracle database will also help you a lot.
    For reasoning or quant questions, practice from the books by R S Aggarwal is enough to clear.
    IT companies give good weightage to Communication Skill, and you should work on your communication skill to get selected in the HR Round.

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    Re: Jobs after 3 years in B.Tech?

    Dear Aspirant,

    In the good reputed companies, there are good academic record is require. They demanded those candidate who has first class academic record.

    You should try to score good marks in your B.Tech to get job in good companies.

    with all good wishes

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