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    Jobs after MSc in Microbiology?

    Hi, I am a post graduate in M.Sc microbiology (2008 pass out). After my M.Sc i joined a BPO as i dint had proper guidance and wanted to earn money for my family. Now its been 3 years, i am earning good money but still i feel my M.Sc went in vain so i want to do something related to my Subject. I am interested in management work, hence i want to know if we have any such job requirement in this field. It would be great if i could utilize my subject knowledge and work experience to get a better job. Please advice me some job profile or training that would help me to get a efficient job matching my profile. Thanks!

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    Re: Jobs after MSc in Microbiology?

    Hi Dear

    OK, you have joined BPO after completion of M.Sc. in Microbiology. Its good to think for coming to your actual stream that is to back to microbiology.

    Now you can go for the

    Research in microbiology

    or to

    Join the companies producing drugs/food products/breweries/diary products
    as a microbiologist/quality controller/quality analyst/bio process scientist/fermentation technologist

    To be in the research in microbiology you can try for the Walk in for the different project posts ike JRF, SRF, Research associate, project associate advertised through out the year by differ research institutes or universities

    Some of them are

    National institute of immunology

    National institute for plant genome research

    National institute of brain research

    Bhaba atomic research center

    Institute of microbial technology

    institute of mineral and material technology




    Central institute for fresh water aqua culture

    Central rice research institute

    Regional center for biotechnology

    AND MANY MORE.................................

    You can prepare for




    ICAR JRF test

    DBT research fellowship

    After qualifying test you are eligible to apply for the research/Phd positions at the reputed institutes and universities.

    They are also paying handsome amount from 14000 to 22 thousand+HRA

    To prepare for these you can take help of coaching centers.

    Some of them are



    Gate academy


    Brilliant coaching centre

    Join the companies producing drugs/food products/breweries/diary products
    as a microbiologist/quality controller/quality analyst/bio process scientist/fermentation technologist/scientist

    You need to get professional training on that sector offered by different companies

    Some of them are

    GVK Bio-sciences

    DNA research center




    Also Biotech consortium india (Department of science and technology,GOI) ltd sponsors industrial training to the life science students.

    You can apply for that also . To know about BCIL training visit http://www.bcil.nic.in

    If u want to go for the management work you can pursue post graduate diploma in biotechnology management/ MBA in biotechnology offered by


    The manufacturing units producing research products,glassware,scientific instruments hires these professionals.They have a high demand in the market.

    For jobs related alerts register your self at http://www.helpbiotech.com andhttp://www.biotecnika.com

    All the best . Take the right decision at right time.

    .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ....................................

    Thanks and regards

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    Re: Jobs after MSc in Microbiology?

    hi i have completed my msc in microbiology (2012)this year.I am luking out for any of the current government vacancy for freshers.Is any chances are thre for the Government jobs for us these year.I a luking out for somex extra diploma courses can you suggest me which courses would be helpful for me to get the private as well as government tooo???and which unversity is best for the correspondance courses?? do i have to do the ipr course???

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    Re: Jobs after MSc in Microbiology?

    Hello Guest, The career oppurtunities after M.SC in Microbiology are enhancing day by day. Microbiology is a research & development oriented subject. Now it depends on you what you choose to be.

    Job Types:
    >> Environmental Microbiologists : Work in the field of environmental science and study microbial processes in the environment.

    >> Mycologists : work in the field of mycology and study fungi.

    >>Bacteriologists : Work in the field of bacteriology and study bacteria.

    >>Food Microbiologists : Work in the food industry and study microorganisms that cause foodborne illness and spoilage.

    >>Industrial Microbiologists : Generally work in field of biotechnology and study microorganisms that produce useful products.

    >>Medical Microbiologists : Medical practitioners (doctors) who have chosen to specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of microbial diseases in patients.

    >>Protozoologists : work in the field of protozoology and study protists.

    >>Biochemist : Discover and teach us how organisms obtain energy, consume nutrients and reproduce.

    >>Biotechnologist : Manipulate genes in order to modify microorganisms. Their work produced novel organisms that make new products for human use. (i.e. insulin, medicine, grocery store items).

    >>Cell Biologists : Explore the actions of molecules on and in the cell. Their investigations determine how microorganisms and cell function.

    >>Geneticists : The language of life is written with four letters, A, C, G, and T. Each letter taken by itself is meaningless. But together the letter create a code of life. Geneticists study the process by which organisms inherit and transmit genetic information.

    >>Immunologists : Investigate the body's defense against disease. to answer basic questions about bacterial growth, metabolism, diversity and evolution.

    >>Parasitologists : Investigate the complex life cycles of and adaptations made by organisms which depend on other organisms for survival.

    >>Science Writer : Write articles for the general public as well as for microbiology professionals. They must have a thorough understanding of language, grammar and science.

    >>Teachers : Educate students about the usefulness and uniqueness of microorganisms.

    >>Virologists : Study viruses and

    bacteriophages. Virologists are interested in how viruses change and are always on the alert for new types.

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    Re: Jobs after MSc in Microbiology?

    Hai i am reena did my masters in microbiology at present i am working in one small packaged drinking water plant.. please do sugest any courses that help me get into pharma base research and development companies.

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    Re: Jobs after MSc in Microbiology?

    The career opportunities available for aspirants in the field of microbiology are on the rise currently.It deals with many practical problems in medical and agricultural industry. This course is very much similar to biotechnology.It is one of the most demanded fields in the economy with a lot of applications in various areas.

    The career opportunities available for Microbiologists are quite ample these days. It is possible for them to find jobs with areas such as research organizations, research labs of hospitals of private and public sectors, pharmaceutical firms and chemical industries etc. One thing that makes the job opportunities in the arena of microbiology so ample is due to the many similarities between microbiology and biotechnology.

    The increase in awareness about taking care of the environment, finding cure for diseases such as Cancer, heart diseases and AIDS etc has increased the demand of professionals in this field. Many firms try to produce cures and find different methods of treatment for these ailments. Due to this, career opportunities are becoming available in plenty. Aspirants also have the option to get employed as a science writer. They can answer questions or write articles.

    The remuneration of aspirants will differ according to the institution employing them and the area of operation. As a beginner, one will be able to get an income of Rs.15, 000/- to Rs.20, 000/- a month. With higher qualification and experience, one can get better remuneration.

    The major recruiters are:-
    -Bharat Biotech
    -Biological E. Limited
    -GVK Biosciences Private Limited
    -Ocium Biosolutions Limited

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    Re: Jobs after MSc in Microbiology?

    i am doing bsc in medical microbiology....can you please suggest me what i should do after bsc...so as to earn a good money.....

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