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    Jobs related to Masters in Microbiology in government field?

    Sir i hv done my masters in microbiology...Could you please suggest jobs related to my field

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    Re: Jobs related to Masters in Microbiology in government field?

    hi dear
    Microbiology is a vast field it consists of many branchers which are related to it like Biopharma, Biotech, Biotech services, Bioindustrial, Bioinformatics etc.

    You can do M.Sc and after that Ph.d and start your career in Research or
    else you can go for MBA .

    There are many R&D company present in India for good research work even you can also opt for U.S as they stands out in the field of research as well as the biotech market.
    companies like CIPLA MUMBAI ,HiMedia Laboratories in mumbai hire microbiologist..
    So it is good field with good scope.

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    Re: Jobs related to Masters in Microbiology in government field?

    Microbiology studies will offer you immense job opportunities mainly in private as well as public sector. One of the most

    common job areas is research field. You can work in hospitals, chemical laboratories, pharmaceutical industry etc. Job

    opportunities are also available in field like genetic engineering, biotechnology etc. Research laboratories, clinical research,

    drug industry are some of the other main job areas for B.Sc microbiology graduates. Some of the job profiles which

    candidates can enter in to are agricultural microbiologists, medical/industrial microbiologists, marine microbiologists etc.

    In government sector, it is possible to apply for UPSC Drug Inspector exam to get in to this post. Job profiles like biochemist,

    cell biologist, biotechnologist, virologists, food microbiologists etc can also be tried abroad.

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