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    Which kind of Job and higher education available for B.Sc(physics,maths,computer science)?

    Which kind of job available,after completing bsc with physics,mathematics and computer science,and whick kind of higher education is available for me.

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    Re: Which kind of Job and higher education available for B.Sc(physics,maths,computer science)?

    you can get job as teacher in higher secondary after Bsc.....first you have to clear TET(teacher eligibility test) taken by gov...
    you can also go for higher education like Msc..in which you can specialize in any subject of your interest.........

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    Re: Which kind of Job and higher education available for B.Sc(physics,maths,computer science)?


    After doing graduation with B.sc in science stream,you only can hope best for the job in government sector.The different PSUs and the defence ,the civil services etc.But there are very limited opportunity in the private firm and to be honest you won't be able to find a job in private sector that will do justice to your degree.

    B.SC is a non technical degree and anon technical degree is not enough for a private sector,you must have a technical one to broad up your chance sand opportunities.

    But if you want to study further,then the best one will be to go for a technical degree,the best of all will be MBA(Master Of Business Administration).A management degree is always good in today's market.

    As it is important that you must understand every single firm requires management,a small or a big any firm has the requirement of management.
    Hence would be better than a management degree,specially if you can manage a seat in any reputed college and university then it is even more useful and prduictive.

    But a B.SC degree is enough for applying in various government sector like
    civil services(IAS,IPS,IFS),defence services(army,air force,navy),coastal guard services,railways,banking etc.

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    Re: Which kind of Job and higher education available for B.Sc(physics,maths,computer science)?

    Advantages of B.Sc. Degree

    The B.Sc. programs stimulate inquisitiveness and endorse scientific discovery.
    Science is an internationally accepted and applied discipline. Having a bachelors degree in Science, aspirants can pursue advanced studies, work or travel in any parts of the world.
    The graduation program in Science prepares and equips B.Sc. holders for progressively more multi-disciplinary science career opportunities.
    Wherever B.Sc. students are working, in ultramodern research laboratories or in the functional sciences, their extensiveness of knowledge about the sciences and specific specialization by way of a major will place them in the best position to do extremely well in their chosen occupation.
    Bachelor of Science Jobs

    In addition to the scientific sector jobs, Science graduates can get employed in non-scientific sectors also. However, little training is required to work in these fields. B.Sc. holders can work in the relevant fields in Science and Technology, in which they are specialized. They can seek out for career in research laboratories, Government corporations, banking and finance sector and so on. Apart from this, science graduates can also find jobs in IT industry, business, BPO, marketing, technical writing and so on.

    Employment Areas

    Agriculture Industry.
    Testing Laboratories.
    Forensic Crime Research.
    Wastewater Plants.
    Environmental Management and Conservation.
    Food Institutes.
    Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Industry.
    Research Firms
    Forest Services.
    Geological Survey Departments.
    Health Care Providers.
    Industrial Laboratories.
    Oil Industry.
    Biotechnology Firms.
    Chemical Industry.
    Educational Institutes.
    Seed and Nursery Companies.
    Space Research Institutes.
    Wildlife and Fishery Departments.
    Further Studies after B.Sc


    M.Sc. is a two-year post graduation course, which helps an aspirant to gain detailed technical knowledge about a particular discipline in Science. In addition to the course work, there are practical sessions in the program, which helps student to be familiar with the theoretical and practical application of various processes. Having a M.Sc., aspirants can further continue their studies in doctoral level. The M.Sc. course is an authentic boost up for those who wish to carry out research, and also to make fame.


    Although MBA is an entirely different field, when comparing with the B.Sc. program, many B.Sc. graduates prefer post graduation in Business Administration. The main reason for this is its growth and the career opportunities prevailing in the sector.

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