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    Last 10 years BARC placement papers for Computer Science?

    i need barc 10 years placement papers for computer science

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    Re: Last 10 years BARC placement papers for Computer Science?


    The placements papers for computer science is as follows------------->

    BARC Placement Paper 2011

    1. matched pair of transistors is particularly useful for

    A) Differential amplifier
    B) High gain amplifier
    C) High input impedance amplifier
    D) Low output impedance amplifier

    2. Magnetic flux density can be measured by using

    A) ,Q, meter
    B) AC voltmeter
    C) Hall probe
    D) Energy meter

    3. In closed loop type of A/D conversion the fastest technique is :

    A) Successive Approximation
    B) Flash
    C) Dual slope integration
    D) Counter-ramp

    4. When bearing life L10 represents (bearings 10%survive,bearings 10% fails, none )

    5. For welding high carbon steels which type of flame is used (oxidizing, carburizing, neutral, none)

    6. Arrange the following cutting tools in decreasing order of machining hardness…Ceramics

    7. When P1 and P2 are the loads acting on bearings with life L1 and L2 then L1/L2=? L1/L2={P2/P1}10/3

    8. Product simplification does not mean? (Product characterization)

    9. Which of the following process has the most scope in manufacturing? CAD/CAM, CAM, CIM, All the above.

    10. Rankine cycle efficiency for same parameters increases mostly with_(reheat, regeneration, super heating )

    11. Ericson cycle with all reversible processes assume_(carnot cycle,stirling,brayton

    12. Air delivery tank at outlet of reciprocating compressor is provided for_ (provide constant pressure, avoid cavitation, )

    13. High speed centrifugal pump has _? (vanes faces in forward direction side,backward,radial vanes)

    14. Thermal efficiency in decreasing order_? (Otto cycle>dual cycle>diesel cycle)

    15. Connect two 1O resistors in series, then connect two 1H inductors across one of the resistors such that the ckt looks like a 1O resistor in series with a ?-section of a resistor and two inductors. With the series resistance on the i/p side, calc the transfer function of this ckt

    16. Inverse laplace transform of 1/s2[d/ds(e-3s/s)]

    17. Lower useful input limit of a transducer is determined by…

    18. Air-cored inductors are used for low frequency/high frequency/equal frequency operations.

    19. Given 4 pole-zero plots identify which one corresponds to the driving point impedance of a series resonant ckt.

    20. Expression for d(n): u(n)-u(n-1)/ u(n-1)-u(n+1)/ u(n)+u(n+1)/...

    21.Relation between laplace and z-transform: s=z/ s=ln z/ s=( ln z/T) /…

    22. Maxm and minm probability error among ASK,PSK,FSK,DPSK etc

    23. Which of the following is a non linear modulation scheme: PAM/QAM/PCM/…

    24. Match the following functions: e-t , e-t + et, sin(pt) with causal and stable system, causal and unstable system, etc.

    25. Given a ckt with a 50 O resistor in series between two voltage sources of 10 V and 5 V magnitude calc power delivered by 5 V source.

    26. Laplace transform of e-3tu(t)+e2tu(-t).

    27. Which photodetector has output affected by own intrinsic noise: PN/APD/PIN/all.

    28. AC signal conditioning is used for inductive and capacitive/resistive/piezoelectric transducers/all of the above.

    29. When I mode is added to proportional control system stability increases/ decreases/ steady state performance deteriorates/damping increases.

    30. Reset control is another name for integral/derivative/proportional/…. Control.


    [FONT=verdana][SIZE=2]1. what is a divided by a% of a ?

    A) a/100 B) 100/a C) a2 /100 D) 100/a2 E) 100a

    2. If an object is moving at a speed of 36 kilometers per hour , how many meters does it travel in one second ?

    A) 10 B) 36 C) 100 D) 360 E) 1000

    3. which of the following fraction is less than 1/3?


    4.if a boat moving upstream 14km/hr and goes down stream 40km/hr then what is the speed of the stream?


    5. the radius of the circle is reduced from 5cm to 4cm then the % change of area .

    Ans: 36%

    6.two workers can type two pages in two minuets then how many persons can type 18 pages in 6 minuets

    Ans: 6

    7. X is min of { n+5,6-n} then what is the min of X if,0 <1?

    Ans 5.5

    8. (31569 + 2488 +47936) - (227 x 96) =?

    1) 61251
    2) 60201
    3) 62506
    4) 60205
    5) None of these

    Ans:- 2

    9.In objective test a correct Ans score 4 marks and on a wrong Ans 2 marks are ---. a student score 480 marks from 150 question. how many Ans were correct?

    a) 120
    b) 130
    c) 110
    d) 150

    Ans 130

    10.A man walks east and turns right and then from there to his left and then 45degrees to his right. In which direction did he go[/SIZE][/FONT]?


    [FONT=verdana][SIZE=2]1. Distinction between FM and PM at high frequencies.

    2. Which of these has the least propagation delay RTL/ECL/I2L/CMOS.

    3. Switching speed of CMOS is affected/unaffected by changes in supply voltage.

    4. Which of these provides a measure of heart rate P/QRS complex/T/none of these.

    5. Given a ckt of a logarithmic amplifier you had to identify what ckt was it.

    6. JFET can operate in depletion/enhancement/both/none of the above modes.

    7. When a BJT operates in saturation the junctions are fwd biased/reverse biased/…

    8. BIBO stability criterion implies that poles are within/outside/on the unit circle.

    9. For faithful amplification of low amplitude signals the cut-off/active/saturation regions of a transistor is used.

    10. Lissajous pattern of a signal rotates 36 times per minute. if the oscillator frequency is 560 kHz then the unknown freq is…

    11. % resolution of a 10 bit ADC.

    12. To obtain 10 mV resolution on 5 V range how many bit DAC is to be used..

    13. Why is LCD preferred to LED.

    14. How will 0.6973 be displayed on 10 V range of a 4 ˝ digit multimeter.

    15. Which of the following cannot be used for an automatic feedback temp ctrl system thermocouple/thermometer/thermistor/IC sensor.

    16. Y(n)=X(-n+3) is an example of a linear/non linear and shift variant/invariant system.

    17. The falling body method is used to determine viscosity/humidity/….

    18. Which of these methods of viscosity measurement gives greatest accuracy falling body method/rotating cylinder method/both/…

    19. Some question on gas chromatography

    20. A device having a rotor with 3 Y-connected coils and a stator is likely to be a synchro/RVDT/control transformer/…

    21. In a twisted ring counter the initial count is 1000. after the 4th clock pulse its state will be….

    22. A 240 kHz signal is given into a 3 bit binary ripple counter. The lowest o/p freq obtainable is….

    23. For parity bit checking which of the following gates can be used XOR/NAND/OR/XNOR.

    24. Why is a BJT called so..

    25. Identify the expression for gauge factor of a strain gauge among the given options.

    26. In a semiconductor strain gauge as tensile strain is applied what changes take place in the n and p areas..

    27. How does a radioactive level gauging system work…

    28. A capacitive transducer measuring level works on the principle of change in distance between plates/change in dielectric strength/…

    29. For maximum power transfer in an AC circuit the condition to be satisfied is ZL+ZS=0/XL+XS=0/none of these/….where l and s refers to load and source respectively.

    30. Find the transfer function from a block diagram.

    31. Synchronous ctrs are preferred to asynchronous ctrs bcoz they are faster/glitches at the output can be avoided/both/none of these.

    32. The lissajous figure formed on an oscilloscope looks like the English figure of 8. if the vertical channel input is 1 kHz the horizontal input freq is….

    33. IE=IC for a transistor in saturation/cutoff/active/both saturation and active regions.

    34. Reproducibility of measurements is called accuracy/precision/linearity/none of these.

    35. Which of these is not strictly a static characteristic accuracy/precision/tolerance/linearity.

    36. The shunt coil in a Q meter has resistance of the order of mO/O/kO/..

    37. For measuring inductance of high Q coils the bridge used is Maxwell-wien/Schering/…

    38. Which of these measures inductance in terms of capacitance Maxwell and hay/Maxwell and Schering/hay and Schering/…

    39. In a flip-flop with preset and clear inputs both are applied simultaneously/clear is cleared when preset is applied/preset is cleared when clear is applied/….

    40.. Which of these values of ? gives damped oscillations: 0/1/1.6/0.6

    41. For a transformer of ratio 1:a and excited by a source V with impedances Z1 and Z2 on the primary and secondary side value of a for maxm power transfer should be..

    42. Fourier transform of cos(?0t) is…

    43. At t=0 the step response of a 1st order system is….

    44. 555 can be used as a monostable/astable/freq dividing ckt/all of these.

    45. In a PT when the secondary is open ckted with the primary excited what will happen.

    46. If a system is marginally stable then the nature of oscillations will be…

    47. Linear encoders mostly use straight binary/BCD/gray code.

    48. For an accelerometer working in displacement mode the ratio of forcing freq to natural freq should be…..

    49. According to Eulers theory crippling or buckling load is ____ (Wcr = Cp2EI/l2)

    50. During sensible heating, specific humidity_? (remains constant)

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