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    Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    A lot of questions and doubts arise in the minds of individuals when they have to choose between the public and private enterprises for making a career. Recently, especially after recession, public sector enterprises have become preferable over the other major private players in many respects. People always knew that the Indian government is far better than every private/corporate players when it comes to job security. One major reason to reinforce this opinion is the high pay /job cuts during the recession times. The government jobs have always been connected with the relatively lesser monetary benefits. However, with the 6th pay commission, the situation related to public sector jobs benefits has also been changed.

    Public sector Versus Private sector jobs

    Many people were more inclined towards the private sector jobs in terms of MNCs; working in such firms was expected to be a prestige issue. But on the other hand, now majority of people, even the younger generation believes the other way round. Apart from the security factor there are many other benefits too.

    Advantages of Public Sector jobs
    • Job Security – The main factor which favours government jobs is the security associated with it . Private sectors are subjected to layoffs which have been witnessed during the time of recession , where as in government sectors the situation of job position of an individual will not have any kind of changes. The govt sector plans huge projects and takes more time to implement them. Hence there are no issues with the security as they cannot go bankrupt or insolvent in any ways.
    • Pay Structure – Another significant factor would be that of the pay structure which have major differences from private sector. The remuneration which a government employee gets will be in par with the corporate sector especially after the 6th pay commission. Any employee will not have any reason to complain about .
    • Wok Hours- The working hours may be some what different from their counterparts .There may be standard working hours .There are no over times etc when compared from private sectors. If over times are done , they are entitled to overtime benefits
    • Benefits –Many benefits such as retirement benefits , pension plans, and PF exist in public sector too. Apart from these other benefits such as medical , housing , loan , childcare etc can also be availed.
    • Promotional benefits – In government enterprises, the promotion is always based on the service period not on meritocracy. Hence the longer you work with the company , higher are your promotional opportunities.
    • Retirement benefits – In government sectors , the retirement age is 60 ys , in some cases of state enterprises being 58 .Hence you have a longer time to get associated with the company as well as produce more results.

    Other minor benefits of government sector jobs
    • The government job is not stressful .
    • Compared to private sector , the latter , aims at maximum results and provide environment also but wont give pressure for that.
    • The Indian economy is growing in all respects hence there are lot of vacancies coming up every time in every area , hence no job stagnation.
    • The government will allow you to become a part of several professional organizations and hence this will help develop your career. You will have several ways to develop a career path for yourself.
    • The work load in government even if high will have time fame to complete it the best manner as that of private enterprises where there will huge workload.
    • The appraisal systems will be more or less based on the work completed

    The main benefits of working with government run organization is the reputation associated with it on a whole as well as the numerous opportunities available in this field. The country is advancing so quickly and several industries are growing every day. Hence the scope and the need for people in various sections will keep on increasing. This will help or lead to continuous and easier access to the government jobs.

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    Re: Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    you can experience a number of offers if you are an employee in public sector like:
    1.limited working hours per day
    2.there will no additional stress and strain when compared to private jobs
    3.you can get pension after your retirement
    4.job security
    5.your salary may also be increased within a particular time period
    6.bonus for festivals
    7.more number of holidays than private employees
    8.we can work for a longer period of time for about 60years
    9.no need to worry about recession in your field of work
    10.they can get medical facilities
    11.easy availability for different types of loans

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    Re: Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    benefits available to public sector people:
    job security,less work,more leaves,good salary pay,long term working permit,pension after retirement,less strain,we can also get different types of bonus and also medical facilities and we can also get loans easily than others.

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    Lightbulb Re: Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    Now a days,Government jobs have a lot of demand in India because Government jobs have so many benefits that is the reason every one prefer for government jobs.

    Benefits of Public sector Jobs:

    1.Public sector job provides more security than Private sector jobs.

    2.Job security and peace of mind exists in Government jobs.

    3.In Government jobs there is no working pressure,so every one have good health when compare with private sector jobs,One survey prove that so many private sector people died with Heart attack.

    4.Pension plans for future after retirement.

    5.Every one respect to government employ when he do the work well.

    6.Bonus for every year

    7.Speed sanction loans and available those children employment loans.

    8.More leaves when compare with private sector.

    9.Salaries are very high with limited hours.

    10.Salary is increasing year to year.

    11.To lead a enjoy life after retirement.

    Finally,I conclude that Government jobs better for Peaceful life.If you want Challenging career go for Private job.

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    Re: Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    The most important benefit of an government job is that the working hours are defined and there is no need of working more than that and that means you can spend more time with your family and friend which is not the case with the private sector jobs were rarely you will find an person who can say that he spends ample time with there family ,and for any one i think this advantage should be more than enough to choose an government job over an private job even if the salary is less in government job when compared to an private job ,also another important advantage is the job security which seldom exists in the private sector ,in an government job unless and until you do some thing really out of the law there is no way that you can be romoved from the job and also you are the king of your area of work or what ever the work that comes under your work flow and i think this is the one of the reasons why the government officers in our country have become so ineffecient

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    Re: Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    The advantages related to working along with Indian Government is the reason their reputation. Probably the most exceptional of such is because of the simplicity of acquiring this type of job. Given you have the necessary skills, you endure the same possibility along with everybody else that requested that post.
    Indian Defence job opportunities come under this particular broad class. They offer one of the most appealing options for workers and for that reason, lots of people look for these. The distinction is into the Navy, the Military as well as the Air Force. The requirements for these 3 categories are usually nearly identical save for some modest details. The reason being an intensive training phase comes before actual employment session. Aside from educational as well as bodily standards needed, defense work furthermore demand a passion for experience and greatest integrity towards the nation.

    The actual returns that are included with this kind of brand of incorporate a chance for immediate career progress and earning a paycheck from adventure. They are available in great respect and also instills within the person a proper attitude toward other people. The self-discipline along with sacrifice required during the job additionally create an attractive character out from the individuals there.
    Various other Indian government positions generally likewise have desirable attributes which make these significantly appealing. Continuous accessibility to jobs with regard to a number of employees is one of these. The nation is actually advancing so quickly and thus several industries are growing every day. The requirement to swap retiring employees furthermore unwraps opportunity. Consequently, you can find jobs for graduate students and non-graduates, pros while others, which offer you quite aggressive remuneration rates.

    Individuals with Government Jobs in India[/URL] also get a distinctive opportunity hardly ever seen in private sector employment. As soon as you have a job after that it’s your own till retirement unless of course you decide to resign. Likelihood of a laid off as a result of economic downturn or any other cause are a lot lower here. These kinds of job security is not really available to the majority of workers in some other areas; some day you’ve got a job and subsequently day you don’t.

    Retirement during these jobs provides 1-2 years more for productiveness compared to if this individual had been employed in the corporate market. The working atmosphere here’s extremely favorable to individuals of every age group too. You are not always pressurized to provide a lot more a lot sooner otherwise shed the job. The advantage programs as well as other schemes that accompany Government Jobs in India is enough inspiration for all employees. Unlike the business sector, the govt values and appreciates period of service. Obtaining a promotion thus remains automated following a particular time period which means you won’t be in exactly the same schedule permanently.

    Developing a person’s profession can also be easy on Indian government careers because they permit good versatility. That improves a worker’s development possibilities in the way extremely hard somewhere else.
    Internet sources today help to make a job research within this area simple. Moreover, this site broadcast the potentials in the field. Make great utilisation of the supply whilst it continues and obtain employment along with probably the greatest employers in India.

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    Re: Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    With the changing market, now public jobs are no longer so easy to get and do.
    Most of public/govt departments like electricity are getting privatized.

    But still there are few benefits associated with public sector jobs.
    1. Job security. there is little chance of department being closed.
    2. Pension - though few departments stopped this
    3. 5 day work
    4. Easy promotions

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    Re: Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    Perceived advantages of a public sector career
    • Benefits often differ among public and private sector employees as well.
    • One of the primary benefits that public sector employees tend to have that the private sector employee may not is that of job security.
    • Long-term stable employment is typical in public sector jobs, although economic crises can lead to the elimination of these jobs, just as it can in the public sector. Government-benefit plans are often recognized as being far more comprehensive than those you can obtain in the public sector. This too only applies in some industries, though, as some private sector jobs can also come with substantial health benefits and retirement packages.

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    Re: Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    if you are an employee in public sector .then
    your salary may also be increased within a particular time period
    bonus for festivals
    more number of holidays than private employees
    we can work for a longer period of time for about 60years
    no need to worry about recession in your field of work
    they can get medical facilities
    easy availability for different types of loans
    limited working hours per day
    there will no additional stress and strain when compared to private jobs
    you can get pension after your retirement
    job security

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    Re: Long Term Benefits of Public sector Jobs

    As a Recruitment specialist looking to attract individuals into public sector opportunities, I would like to ascertain what you consider the benefits to be as an employee working within the public sector vs. the private sector.

    Job security used to be one with a guaranteed Pension, retiring after 40 years of service woth probably a golden wrist watch. I supposed times have changed. That said the opportunity to develop your skills in very supportive yet laid back environment that does not necessarily have the cut throat competition of the private sector. Various individuals with a background in Compliance as well as Tax have gone on to make a name in the private sector following a stint in the public sector............. that has to be a plus.

    Atmosphere is more relaxed as focus is on service, not profit.
    Benefits packages tend to be better (health plans, vacation time, etc.)
    More open to flexible schedules (though this is changing in private sector)
    More opportunities for professional development.

    Opinions from fourteen years in higher ed and 3+ in municipal government.

    I think the relative stability is the huge selling point for me right now. After watching so many people lose their retirement and such seemingly stable, huge institutions fall in the private sector, there is something very comforting about government employment. On the other hand, as exemplified by health care reform, it's a time of great change and possibility in government which can attract bright people with various social and intellectual interests. So to me it's the best of both worlds right now, stability and challenge.

    1.The public sector has all of our money.
    2. Your boss just got out of 8th grade.
    3. You can't be fired no matter what you do.
    4. The laws that you pass don't apply to you.
    Do you need more?
    Clarification added December 2, 2009:
    You currently are paid much better in the public sector. People just repeat old sayings instead of reading the news.
    Clarification added December 3, 2009:
    Congress has an approval rating of 17 percent. It is the same or lower for bureaucrats.

    -Better & clear career path.
    - Intrinsic reward program.
    - Job Rotation & Enrichment.
    - Training & Development.
    - Liberty in taking decisions.
    and much more....

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